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South Africa Zinc Ore Grinding Ball Mill Machine U

Grinding Mineral Ore Quartz Powder Making Ball Grinder Ball Mill Machine

Basic IntroductionIt mainly used for mineral processing , chemical,medicine,building materials,quartz powder for plate etcis product can used to pruduce high purity quartz powder with 200-300mush,The product has many advantages such as high purity ,Good whiteness and stable granularity and so one whole production line can realize automatic control and stable operationWorking PrincipleThe materials which less than 10mush ,from feeding apparatus through the feeding hollow shaft screw enter into mill warehouse homogeneous ,the warehouse is equipped with a ceramic liner plate with steel and jade balls of different specifications , The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the cylinder brings the dielectric ball to a certain height and then falls down , Impact and grinding on materialse powder that meets the requirement is discharged through the discharge grate,finish the milling operationter grinding, the material enters the classifier from the inlet,by adjusting the speed of the classifying wheel frequency control, stepless speed regulationand reasonable secondary wind , a reasonable and stable gas-solid two-phase flow is formed in the grading zone,The interaction between centrifugal force and the negative pressure of the fan is generated by the rotation of the classifying wheel to realize effective grading of materialse coarse particles are returned to the ball mill by the coarse material return device to continue grinding, and the finished products are packaged by the automatic packaging machinee whole system is equipped with a dust precipitator using more advanced electromagnetic pulse automatic ash removal,the dust is filtered by the filter bag after the dust - carrying gas enters the dust collector,dust attached to the outer surface of the filter bag is scattered at the bottom under the action of pulse blowback gashe filtered clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the fanchnical Parameters ModelBall mill machineClassification model numberTotal PowerCapacityFinenessClassificationaccuracyFiltration areaDust concentrationWorking system GMF-1001500*5700GF100145185-50D977040 ContinuousGMF-2001830*7000GF20022534 5-50D97100 40GMF-4002200*7500GF4003455-65-50D97 120 40GMF-5002200*7500GF5005005-75-50D9720040GMF-6002400*7500GF6005507-95-50D9730040 GMF-8002600*8000GF8006658-125-50D9735040GMF-10002800*8000GF100078010-155-50D9740040GMF-12003200*9000GF1200120015-205-50D9750040*Drive via ring-and-pinion gear with automatically controlled tooth lubrication, back gearing with couplings and high-performance gear unitBearing unit journal bearing designed as a friction bearing with permanent oil-recirculation lubrication and temperature controlOption self-aligning roller bearingsProduct discharge via adjustable slots located around the periphery of the drumwo-part discharge housing *with top venting connection and inspection covertailed ImagesCompany InformationWeifang guote Mine Equipment CoLtds a research and development, engineering design, production and installation, commissioning services as one of the professional production of mining equipment, automation control equipment and the provision of non-metallic mineral production line test, design, consultation and the whole line delivery of the modern enterprisehe scope of services related to mining, metallurgy, electric power, coal, glass, paper, chemical building materials, refractory materials, tiles, food, cement and other industries, products are sold in more than thirty provinces, autonomous regionhe company products are electromagnetic, permanent magnetic separator, dry wet magnetic separator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, quartz sand making machine, air classifier, dust collector, water separator, washing machine, flotation machine, metal detector, screw conveyor, timing quantitative feeding weigher, centralized control system and other productsckaging ShippingCertificationsFAQQ Why we believe in Weifang GuoteMining Equipment Company?A1ore than 10 years experience We are the leading professional supplier of mining equipments and service for quartz mining equipment industry All products achieved ISO90012000 quality management certificate and EU CE certificateQ Delivery timeA The lead time is 10-30 days, Delivery time will vary depending on the type of the machine, shipping method selected and part availabilityQ Payment termsA Accepted Payment Type TT, LC, Western Union, CashAfter sign the contract, pay the 30% deposit of total purchase price and pay the full payment before deliveryQ what will you do if the machine is broken down?A The Products warranty is one yeare will provide the .

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