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Small Flotation Cell Mini Flotation Cell For Flota

Flotation Cell Deinking Machine Manufacturer

1ainly used for various minerals, such as gold ,silver,iron,fluorite, talc, copper, lead,zinc, nickel, molybdenum ,etc2lso applicable for the separation of nonferrous metal and ferrous metalsatures1elf-absorption of air Good cycling property of pulp Flotation machines suction volume is relatively stable Medium mixing strength and good suspension of solid particles The liquid level of the flotation machine is stable and it has low power consumptionrking Principle1mpeller Rotated by vee belt of electric motor and produces centrifugal function resulting in negative pressure One hand, it sucks into enough air to mix with pulp and fine the foam in order that the mineral can stick on the foam Then it turns into mineral foam after floating on the pulp Adjust the height of stopper to control fluid level in order that the available foam can be scrapped out by scrappers.

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