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Sand Production Process Flow Diagram

50000-30000cbm Autoclave Aerated Concrete Production Process Flow Diagram

Lightweight concrete block production line Light Weight Sand Blocks Making Machine AAC block is made of fly ash, lime, cement and aluminum powder, and with the procedures of crushing , measuring, mixing, pouringTechnological process1First, dose and match measured raw materials2fter distributing, feed raw material into pouring mixer to make slurry3hrough thoroughly mixing, the slurry is poured to mould4fter pre-curing under a certain temperature and time, the block would reach a certain hardness and prepare for cutting5lting hoister would turn over 90degrees of mould6en open the mould and separate it from blocknd take the block with side plate to the cutting cart7rstly, the cutting machine vertical cuts blocks from both sides8condly the horizontal cutting9nally the vertical cutting10ter cutting, the block is hanged to trolley with side plate by semi-finished product hoister11ganizing the cut blocks and put them into autoclaves 12rdening the blocks under certain temperature and pressure13rry the finished product out of autoclave14The finished product hoister take the finished product to stock shield15cked for loading 16e side plate return back through side plate roller17Side plate would be organized with open mould18ean the mould and prepare for next pouring19eel bars processing line for slab production1C blockproduction lineIntroductionAreated concrete brick light brick is the light and porous buidling materialt has lightkeeping temperature cant burn and other advantages can be made into many kinds of bricksforexample600200100,8080180,24011553,600200125,they could be used industry building and common buildingey are more and more popular in the world the future,they will replace the Clay brick completelyAreated concrete common conceptionCommon concrete density is usually 1600-2400kgm,but Areated concrete are 500kgm3,600kgm3,700kgm3 has not the big grain,main use silicon material for examplecoal ash,sand,stone dustand others ,through making the material small for example sand,they can be used directly if hasenough degree of small for example coal ashxing calcium material lime cement water to aspecial slop,then add the aluminum dust and the additiveke the aluminum dust and the specialslop have a Chemical reflecten produce Hydrogen to make the concrete slop to expanding orswell,foamxt,put them into the curing room to concreting cutting steaming curing,last,there willbacome the light brick,the porous rate is 70-80%3C blockproduction line Advantages 1light weight Areated concrete density is usually 400-700kgm3,according the market in produce ,same as13 of clay brick and 15 common concrete use the Light brick can reduce the weight of thebuild more,and also reduce the beam of roof and pillar press besten you can see,it can save thematerial and cost,it also fighting shaking2 keeping temperature It has many are porous,the delivery hearting coefficient is 00Wmk,the same as 14 or15 of clay brick,so it is best materials now in the worldere are many kinds material,havelowest waste 3Main Materialcoal ash sand waste mine material coal stonestone dust and other silicon materialsOur Foamed concrete light weightAACAerated Autoclaved Concrete block machine absorbed world advanced technology and could meet different clients requirementur AAC production line is famous for its excellent performance, high efficiency, and lower in energy consumptionince putting into the market, good economic profits and social benefits have been achieved .

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