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Nade Lab 180w Touch Display High Throughput Mill Tissuelyser Homogenizer With Refrigeration Nd-48l

NADE Lab 180W Touch Display High Throughput Mill Tissuelyser Homogenizer ND-48 LHigh-flux tissue grinders set the same grinding procedure for the same tissue sample, which results in the same grinding efficiency and improved sample-to-sample repeatabilityue to the grinding using the grinding ball, the grinding of the sample is more uniform and sufficient than the conventional grinding methodhe high-throughput tissue grinder can also be used as a homogenizer to rapidly disperse the sample by using stainless steel balls or high-density glass beads or zirconia beadshe sample temperature does not rise during the homogenization process, and the speed can be adjusted a new generation of tissue grinders, multi-sample tissue grinders have an irreplaceable advantageSpecification1ime setting 1 seconds - 9999 seconds2requency setting 10-70Hz, that is, oscillation 300-2100 timesmin3ated power 180W4ixture stroke 34mm vertical5emperature setting -20 C or -30 C6lectromagnetic lock control opens the door7ample capacity random standard aluminum alloy adapter 5ml 12 holes, 2ml 48 holesOptional Aluminum adapter 2ml24 hole8ower requirements 220V single phase AC, 2CertificationsPackaging ShippingCompany InformationOur ServicesFAQQHowlongisthedeliverytime?A7-15workingdaysafterwereceivedyourpaymentororderconfirmedWhatisthewarrantyfortheequipment?AOneyearWecanprovideyoulifelongtechnicalsupportWhatisthepaymentterms?ATT,LC,WesternUnion,etcQWhatafter-salesservicecanbeprovidedbyNade?ATheafter-salesserviceofNadeisdividedintotwopartstechnicalsupportandmaintenanceWhataboutthe.

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