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Semi-auto 3ply Or 5ply Corrugated Cardboard Single Facer Group With Laminator Paster Carton Making Machine Line

Semi-auto 3ply or 5ply Corrugated Cardboard Single Facer Group with Laminator Paster carton box making machine line Single Facer Corrugated Making Machine Single Facer Corrugated Carton Machine Single Facer Corrugated Cardboard Product Information NoQuantity for Production of Cardboard of2ply 3ply3ply5ply5ply1Fingerless type single facer machine111222Electric shaftless mill roll stand111113NC cutting machine111114Stackeroptionoptionoption115Semi-auto Laminator116Pasting Unit1227Pressing Unit122Design speed with steam heating 100mminonomic production speed with steam heating 50mminProduct Display The pictures are for reference only,more products please clickHEREtailed parameter Technical Specification 1ingerless type single facer machine NOITEM.

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