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Our advantageDetail displayProduct parametersIntroductionSteam thermal oil blade dryer and boiling furnace production processProduct scope of application desulfurized gypsum powder, phosphorus gypsum powder, citric acid gypsum powder, lactic acid gypsum powder1ccording to the unstable characteristics of the domestic chemical gypsum free water content, the device uses a more energy-saving two-step calcination process of one dehydration and two calcination, which is to use a heat source to do two respectively, that is, the use of the residual heat emitted by the calcination system for the equipments pre-drying system for secondary work, the final emission temperature can be lower than 100 degrees C, so very energy-savingecause the use of a heat source, so greatly shorten the installation cycle, while saving a large number of raw materials, is very reasonable, very energy-saving chemical gypsum calcination systemlso because the design output of the equipment is high, it uses the current most stable heating power plant steam or natural gas and other processes to provide heat sources, the main features of the process is to save electricity, easy operation, maintenance and long service life Calcination system We use a chamber boiling calcination furnace, through the continuous update and improvement of the furnace body, can achieve the heat distribution tend to be reasonable, heat exchange area can be infinitely increased, can adapt to the annual output of chemical gypsum 30,000 tons to 200,000 tons of production requirements of different customersust removal system adopts a first-level cyclone separation plus two-stage dust removal, the first-level cyclone dust can be pre-drying material s95% directly collected, the first-level dust removal gas after the direct emptying through the second-level dust removal, the concentration of gas dust is not higher than the national provisions of 10mgm32dvantages of pre-drying process using steam blade dryer,After pre-drying, the gypsum powder raw material with uniform moisture content is obtainedSteam low temperature pre-drying makes gypsum powder better and slowly dehydrated and increases product strengthNo air flow dryer produces high wind volume and dust phenomenonTreatment processes such as steam-free coal-free desulfurizationFinishedproduct qualityProduct quality finess 80, initial setting 6-10mins, final setting 10-15minshe finished gypsum powder contains CaSO4-12H2O, which is gypsum powder, which is mostly used in gypsum industries gypsum ceiling, gypsum cornice, paper gypsum cornice, gypsum putty powder, etcse showCompany profilePackaging ShippingExhibitionFAQ1 you have sample project?Answer Of courseelcome to Dongyue sample projects in anytimeDo you have after sales support?AnswerYes, we are happy to give advice and we also have skilled technicians available across the worlde can help your machines running in order to keep your business running What can you do if the machine broken?AnswerOur machines warranty period is 12months, if the broken parts cant repair, we will send the new parts replace the broken parts free, if after warranty period, we will supply the .

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