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Literature Review For Sand Replacement Of Crusher

White Fused Alumina Powder For Cut-off Wheel Sand Blasting China Manufacture

Why Choose UsSHANDONG LUXIN MOUNT TAI COTDhose predecessor was Mount Tai Abrasive Grains branch of SHANDONG LUXIN HIGH-TECH INDUSTRY COTDormerly name SISHA COTDNow It is located at No00 Qinglongshan Road,Zibo High-tech Zone,Shandong province occupies 110 Chinese Mu 18 acrehe added major new equipment are more than 600 sets can produce White Fused Alumina 20,000 tons per year, Pink Fused Alumina 5,000 per year, Semi-friable Fused Alumina 2,000 tons per year and Ceramic Alumina 2,000 tons per yeart is the high grade abrasive grains production base in Chinaer 60 years, through Sisha peoples continued perfection and innovation,the company has already owned domestic advanced product RD,manufacture and testing systeme leading products of "MOUNT TAI" brand and MT brand manufacturing technology and products are always in the domestic leading levele series of "MOUNT TAI" brand and MT brand Brown Fused Alumina,White Fused Alumina,Pink Fused Alumina,Semi-friable Fused Alumina and Ceramic Alumina are complete in specifications, stable and reliable in quality,they have the features of homogeneous particle size distribution,low content of magnetic material,stable chemical composition,good physical properties, and so onery .

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