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Kolkata Industrial Washing Machine South Africa

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Product ApplicationThis series of products are used in the washing of cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber fabrics, and often used in medicine, sanitary materials, medical devices, rubber and plastic products production process cleaningpplicable to hotels, baths, social welfare homes, residential schools, mines, oil field bases, transportation and passenger transportation, factory production washing workshops, factory logistics laundry, professional laundry facilitiesarameter contentspecification XGQ-30 XGQ-50 XGQ-70 XGQ-100 Rated washing capacityKg 30 50 70 100 Volume ratioLKg 10 10 10 10 Cylinder size Lmm 900480 1070610 1210610 1210865 Gate diametermm 470 540 630 The heightfrom the ground to the center of the loading gatemm 1010 1110 1215 Overall dimensionsmmLBH 130013901900 160016302200 168016302050 168019002050 Whole weightKg 1200 2500 2800 3200 The power supply voltagefrequency 380v50Hz Motor rated powerKw 4 577Frequency converter rated powerKw 5711 15 Electrical heating rated powerKw 24 30 36 42 Allow maximum washing temperature 60 Demand for water supply pressure 00Mpa Allow maximum inlet water temperature 85 Allow maximum steam pressure 0Mpa Cold water interface specification 1 inch pipe thread Steam interface specification 1 inch pipe thread Drainage interface specification 90mm 110mm 140mm 140mm The highest waterabout 300L 525L 645L 890L The washing speedrm 40 38 36 36 Dehydration speedrm 380760 360720 340680 340680 rking environment Temperature055,humidity85%No dust, combustible, corrosive gas and other dangerous goodsin Features1,The scientific and reasonable vibration attenuation system is effective in overcoming the impact of the unbalance vibration when it is removed, so there is no need to fix it with the special floor and anchor boltsThe front door is both intuitive and convenient for the fabric to be taken outVariable frequency drive, roller rotation is stable, speed switch is smoothSpecial washing machine computer controller, can make up a number of procedures to meet the washing requirement of different fabrics, automatic control time, temperature, water level, speed, energy saving water The complex washing process can be accomplished by simple operationrtificationsDetailed ImagesThe 304 punching hole of stainless steel plate and polishing process make the roller plate, ensuring the strength and rightly of the drume cylinder wall is very clean,the firction of the fabric and the cylinder wall is minimal, avoid the wear of the fabrice single-axis large-capacity equipment rear transmission platform and split bearing pedestal,aligning cylindrical roller bearing is more convenient to add lubricating oil to external manual oil pump and maintain daily maintenanceported fluoro-rubber oil seal is used for the transmission shaft water seal, good effect and long lifeThe cylinder body spraying zinc and anticorrosive paint dual treatment, anti-rust strongere pipe is connected with the cylinder body, and the flexible hose connection can be used to effectively overcome theinfluence of the cylinder bodye built-in mute air compressor, changed the automatic washing machine to request the traditional custom of the air compressor, convenient for the user to clean the laundry environmentlated Products.

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