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Charcoal Briquette Machine In China

Charcoal Powder Briquette Making Machine

Product IntroductionCharcoal powderbriquettemakingmachineThere are many types of charcoal powderbriquettemakingmachine in our company you tell us your raw material we will recommend the most suitable charcoal briquette machine according to your actual situationrking PrincipleThe working principle ofcharcoal powderbriquettemakingmachineCharcoal powderbriquettemakingmachinepass the power onto the two rollers, then materials enter to the roll and the pressure become larger and larger with the roll rotationhen the material enters the contact point of two rolls of rotating line, the pressure of the material reaches the peakhen materials are pressed into briquettes under the pressure of the two rollersharcoal powderbriquettemakingmachinecan pellet iron ore powder, charcoal fines, coke powder, coal fines, iron fines, mill scale and other powder materialstailed ImageThe detailed image ofcharcoal powderbriquettemakingmachineThe rollers are various and rollers determines the shape of finished productients can choose rollers what they needf course, they can customize the rolleroduct ParametersThe product parameter ofcharcoal powderbriquettemakingmachine Model Roll dianetermm Capacityth Powderkw Briquettes shape and size ZKBM290 290 1-3 5Defined by users ZKBM360 360 4-6 1115 ZKBM430 430 6-8 18ZKBM500 500 8-12 183755 ZKBM500-3 500 5-8 37 ZKBM500-4 500 8-12 55 ZKBM650 650 10-15 3745 ZKBM750 750 15-20 7590110Note Above .

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