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Rotary dryer, also named rotary drum dryer, has the features of wide application, convenient operation and high running ratehile drying, hot gas transfers heat to materials and evaporates the moisture meanwhile, under the effect of ventilating device, the drying materials are upgraded continuously to discharge the moistureApplied Materials and Application Range Rotary dryer is widely used to dry the materials such as ore, coal ash, slag and clay in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and cement industryStructure It is mainly made up of the rotor, stuff-raising plate, transmission device, support device and seal ringsPerformance Features1trong ability of anti-overloading, large capacity, low fuel consumption, low drying cost High heat transfer coefficient and high thermal efficiency Large treatment capability, wide application, Well drying effect Indirect-heating, no material contamination Retention time can be adjusted, low energy consumption Reasonable structure, fine workmanship, convenient operation and easy maintenance Low energy consumption, stable and reliable running of dryer body Working PrincipleThe wet materials to be dried will be sent to the silo by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, then fed to the dryer feeding end by feeder, and the feeding pipeline slope should be larger than the natural slope of the materials so as to make the materials go into the dryer smoothlyDryer cylinder is a rotary cylinder and slightly sloping into horizontalhe materials enter from the higher end and the heat carrier enters from lower end and then has a counter-current with materialsr, heat carrier and materials flow into the cylinder together, and the materials move to the lower end for gravity with the rotation of the cylinderhe wet materials in the cylinder get the heat from the heat carrier directly or indirectly in the process of moving forward, which makes the wet materials dryhen the materials are sent out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor from the discharging outletTechnical ParametersNotice Any changes of technical parameter will not be notified additionallyDetailsSpare PartsCompany InformationOur Services Pre-sales aelp customers to choose productreely send engineers to the working field to plan the installation site and design the best technical production processesign the special product according to the contract On-salesanspect every part of machines before productioneliver goods on schedule according to the contract After-sales aend the engineers to guide the installationnstall and adjust the equipment for customersrain the operator for customerse also provide the .

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