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Project Report On Clinker Grinding Benin

China Supply 100-2000tpd Cement Clinker Production Line, Cement Clinker Grinding Plant

The cement production line cement plant is a cement equipment production line composed by a series of equipmenthis production line mainly consists of the process of crushing and prehomogenization, raw materials homogenizing, preheating decomposition, cement clinker firing, cement grinding packaging The main equipmentsused in this whole production line include thevibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cement ball mill lifer, preheating system, cement rotary kiln and packing machine and so onll the cement equipment in this line can be provided by our factory1ushing and Pre-homogenizing 1 Most of the raw materials, like limestone, clay, iron ores, and coal, should be crushed before their pre-homogenizationimestone is the primary material in this line, and due to its large particle size and high hardness, its good crushing plays an important role in the whole linepecial stacking and reclaiming technology has been used in the pre-homogenizing process so that raw materials can be better primarily homogenized 2Raw materialhomogenizingraw materials pre homogenizingis in thematerial piling up,bystackertoincoming raw materialscontinuouslyin a certain waypiled material layeras much as possibleparallel to each other,the upper and lower overlap andthe same thicknessWhen,inthe directionperpendicular to the material layer,as far as possibleat the same time,cut offallmaterial layer,in turncut,untiltaken the end,namely"tilestraight"Theraw materialyardhas the functions ofstorage andhomogenization2w material preparation 1Raw materialsraw ingredientswithlimestone,sandstone,iron ore,four flyash baseingredient databaseor otherspecialmaterialslibrary,basebottomare respectively provided with aweighing feeder,quantitativevarious materialsare given according tothe requirements of the production processratioBy thebelt conveyorintovertical mill system forgrinding 2Raw material grindingthe material through thelock feeding devicebya feeding chutetodisccenter,under the action of centrifugal forcewas thrown to theedge of the grinding discdeliveredbygrinding rollerrollingmill,the crushed materials from thediscedge overflow,isfrom the nozzlespeedupwardwith the hot air flowdryingup,according to the airflowvelocitydifferent,part of the materialwas taken to the airhighefficiency separator,coarse powderafter separation, returned to the grinding table,regrindingfine powderqualifiedwithgasout flow after grindingandincreasingdustmixed wettower andelectric dustcollection, through thechute,the bucketis sent to theraw meal homogenizing silowithin elevatorandstorage3w meterial homogenizing Raw mealin a downwardlanded,withair agitation,gravity,produce"funnel effect",try tocutthe multilayersurface,fully mixedThe use offluidized air different,make thebasesurfaceoccurredin parallelstreams of different sizesof expansion effect,some regionaldischarge,some regionalflow,so that thebase surfaceis generatedwithin thetilt,radialmixingIn the production process of cementraw meal composition,stablepit entryis the stability ofclinker burning premiseof thermal system,raw meal homogenizingsystem plays astableraw ingredientsinto thecellar ofthe final controlaction4,Pre-heater and pre-calciner Theraw materialpreheatingand partialdecomposition of thepre heaterto completepart function,instead ofthe rotary kiln,the kilnto shorten thelength of back,at the same timein the furnacetothe accumulation state ofgasfeed heat transferprocess,moved to theinnersuspensionpre heatercondition,the rawhot gascan be exhaustedwiththe kilnare fully mixed,increasesthe gas material the contact area,fast heat transfer speed,high heat exchange efficiency, improve theproduction efficiency ofkilnsystem,reduce the heat consumption of clinker burningpurpose 1the main function is tomake full use ofthe pre heaterkiln andpre calciner exhaustwaste heatheatingthe raw material,the rawpreheatingand partial decomposition of carbonatesIn order tomaximize theefficiency of heat exchangebetween the solidand gas,to realize high quality,high yield,low consumption oftheburning system,must have thesolid gasuniform dispersion, heatquickly andefficient separation ofthe three functions 2pre decompositionpredecomposition techniqueis atechnical leap in cementcalcining processItis between thepre heater andcalciner androtary kilnkiln tailaddedbyrising flue,afuel injectiondevice,an endothermic process to makefuel combustionexothermic processand raw materialof carbonate decomposition,in the decompositionfurnacewith suspendedorfluidizedstate quickly,sothe raw mealdecompositionrate increased to 90%the aboveThe originalisin rotary kilncarbonatedecomposition tasks,moved to the decompositionfurnacefuelmostly from thecalcinerto join,in part byadding lesskiln head,reduce the heat loadof thekilncalcining belt,prolonginglining life,is conducive tomass productionbecause of fueland raw materialmixing, fuelthe heat of combustion oftimely delivery to thematerial,so that the combustion,heat transfer andcarbonatedecomposition processoptimizedSo it hashigh quality,efficient,low consumptionand a series of excellent performanceand characteristics5inker burning The raw materialis completed in thecyclone pre heaterinpreheater and precalciner,into the rotary kilninthe clinker burningIn rotary kiln isfurther decomposed rapidlyandcarbonatesolid phase reaction ofa series ofcement clinker,generateAC3,AFC4,SC2and other mineralsWith thematerial temperature risenearC01300,AC3,AFC4,SC2and other mineralswill become liquid,dissolved in liquidSC2 andCaO reactionto generate a large amount ofSC3clinkerThe clinker burning,the temperaturebegan to decreaseFinally by thecement clinkercooling machinehigh temperatureclinker coolingrotary kilnunloadingto storagethe set temperaturefor storage,sensible heatand recovery of high temperatureclinker,improve systemheatefficiency andthe quality of clinker6cement mixing station Cementclinker,gypsum,stationauxiliary materials storehouse,theguidelineis respectively provided withweighing feeder,willgivequantitativevarious materialsaccording to the setratioLibrary side ofclinkerproportioninglibrarythe other withclinkerbulkfacilities,forexternaluseof clinkerMaterialfeeding metering equipmentaccording to the proportion ofdischarge,by belt conveyor sent to theball mill forgrinding7ment grinding Cement grindingis the finalprocess of cementmanufacture,but alsothe most power hungryprocessThe mainmaterialsthrough thecement clinkerand gelling agent,performance adjustment materialetcgrindingtoappropriate particle sizeinfineness,specific surface area,such that theoutlet materialby thebucket elevatorintohighefficiency separatorinthe sorting,coarse powder grindingtogrinding,cement productsby the air boxPulse bag typedust collectorto collectafterbyair transport chute,bucket elevatorsenttoa repository Zhejiang Tongli Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Cotd is specialized intechnology RD, engineering consultation , equipment debugging, engineering contracting and related .

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