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Shakeout Machine For Sand Reclamation System Foundry Machinery Manufacturer

China Machine ManufacturersVibrating shakeout machine is mainly used for shakeout of poured castingsThe temperature of resin sand is also very high due to the high temperature of the castings just discharged from the furnaceIf the castings need shakeout at this time, vibrating shakeout machine is requiredBecause the resin sand after pouring has good collapsibility, only a certain frequency of vibration is needed to shake off the resin sand adhered to the casting, so it is called a vibration shakeout machineIn order to avoid dust pollution, the shot blasting machine is surrounded by steel plates and connected to the dust collector air duct for dust collection to ensure the cleanliness of the working environment. The temperature of the fallen sand is very high, and it will automatically enter the elevator through the outlet of the sand dropping machine and be transported to the sand storage for crushing, or it will be manually added into the magnetic separation belt conveyor for crushing after coolingshakeout machine for casting is a casting equipment that makes use of vibration and impact see mechanical vibration to separate molding sand from casting2he vibration sources of the sand-dropping machine are divided into three categoriesmechanical, electromagnetic and pneumatic3he mechanical inertial sand-dropping machine is widely used see Figure InertiaSand-dropping Machinehe structural characteristics of the inertial shakeout machine are the shakeout grid bed is equipped with a rotating shaft with a biashen the important official rotates, the bias generates centrifugal force exciting force to make the shakeout grid bed installed on the support spring vibrate4his vibration is a motion combined with free vibration and forced vibration, and the magnitude of the load can change the amplitudehe load is too large, the amplitude decreases sharply,and the sand falling efficiency decreases the load is too small, the vibration is too large, and the flask and equipment aredamagedor this reason, a fixed bracket should be additionally installed on this type of sanding machine to form an inertial impact type sanding machineuring sand falling, the casting mold is placed on the support, the bottom surface of the castingmold and the sand falling grid bed have a gap, and the bottom surface of the casting mold is impacted by the vibration of the grid bed, so that the casting and the molding sand are separatedince the casting mold is not directly placed on the shakeout grid, the influence of the change of the casting mold weight on the amplitude of the shakeout machine is relatively reducedor smalland medium-sized castings without box casting mold, drum-type sand falling machine can also be used, which is generally installedon the production line of small and medium-sized castings without box casting moldesides sand falling, it also has the functions of hot sand cooling, old sand screening, sound insulation, heat insulation, dust removal, etcere are so many kinds of foundry machinery in qingdao huaxin company China Machine Manufacturers1Automatic Static Pressure Moulding Line with KW technology2utomatic Shell Molding casting Line3uran Resin Sand proudction casting Line4ouring system5nd Preparation6ounry Sand Mixer7eumatic sand moulding machine8re making machine9ell core machine10ot blasting machine11process casting line12am foam casting line Description of proudction processthe shakeout grid bed is equipped with a rotating shaft with a biashen the important official rotates, the bias generates centrifugal force exciting force to make the shakeout grid bed installed on the support spring vibrateDetailed ImagesReference DesignPackingShippingFoundry sand casting Jolt squeeze molding machines are packed export standard packingmpany IntroductionSince its founding in 1998 as Qingdao Huaxin Group, the mission of qingdao huaxin group has been to develop the most innovative solutions possible for the automation of green sand moulding, sand core making machine, sand preparation and shot blasting processes throughout the foundry industryontinuous technological improvement and innovation have earned nearly 20 intellectual property rights in Chinaoday, with nearly 5,000 sand moulding machines and shot blasting systems installed around the world, and its sales and service operations are spread all over the world. Our single focus is, has always been, and will always be the foundry industry. Qingdao Huaxin Group has over 20 years history In Chinat is located in Binhai Industrial Park, Huangdao Area, Qingdao city,Chinat is covered an area of sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-seven Square meterse have produced foundry machines more than 1000 types, so we have rich experience in sand casting production machines. The casting production line is Automatic horizontal static pressure molding line, Auto shell molding line, Furan resin sand automatic molding line, Green sandl processing production lineSand Preparation the newest patent machine-continuous sand mixer,pouring machine, popular standard machine are Jolt squeeze molding machine, pneumatic multi-piston molding machine, all kinds of cold core hot core box core shooting machine, various shot blasting machinese provide excellent supporting equipment and services for Chinas foundry, shipbuilding, automobile, military, locomotive, machine tool and other industriese design and manufacture various non-standard special casting machines according to user needsoduction StrengthOUR SERVICES STRENGTH1ingdao Huaxin Company has more than 20 years of production experience in casting equipmentemi-automatic pneumatic molding machine, multi-contact molding machine full-automatic static pressure molding production linehere are also core shooting machines, shot blasting machines, sand processing equipment and other casting production lines designed by the company itselfhe company has excellent research and development equipment team, mature sales and after-sales service team, and professional service for each userrtificationsCustomer Photos.

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