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Indirect Heat Dryer

Indirect Heating Kaolin Rotary Drum Dryer And Kaolin Rotary Drying Machine

SpecificationsLarge capacityGood drying effectLow noise drive gearProfessional ManufactureThe Indirect heating kaolin rotary drum dryer and kaolin rotary drying machine can dry many kind of materials which contain moisture, This drying machine is applicable for particle materials, and is also applicable for paste and viscous materials which are mingled with particle materials, or materials whose water content is highsuch as coal, sludge, coal slurry, brown coal, fly ash, gypsum, clay, Kaolin, grain corn, wheat, mineral powder, slag, iron powder, mill scale, sawdustwoodchips, chicken manure, feed etc,Main technical parameter ModelmmGradientSpeedrminPowerKWCapacitythWeighttZKRD60060003-53-8301KRD80080003-53-8402KRD800100003-53-8402KRD1000100003-53-853KRD1200100003-53-87514KRD1200120003-53-8112-614KRD1500120003-52-6153917KRD1800120003-52-618-1225ZKRD1800140003-52-618-1527ZKRD1800200003-52-6228-2030ZKRD2000180003-52-6308-2345ZKRD2200180003-5163710-2548ZKRD2200200003-5163712-2856ZKRD2400200003-5154518-3060ZKRD280020003-5155520-3568ZKRD3000200003-5155525-4078ZKRD3000250003-5157530-45104Application FieldThe Indirect heating kaolin rotary drum dryer and kaolin rotary drying machinecan be widely used in building materials, metallurgy, cement and mining industryProducing ProcessThe materials which need to dry from the feed tank, feeding sneak into the cylinder, and copy is spiral plate to afterterials because of the dryer tilted, on the one hand, the gravity and rotary low back end, on the other hand the material being repeatedly grabbed, copy board to top constantly raise and down again, make the material within the cylinder form uniform curtain, sufficient heat exchange with tube in the heat flow, due to the material repeatedly Yang, contains moisture by drying, gradually so as to achieve the purpose of dryingOur CompanyZhengzhou Kehua Industrial Cotdrely on quality guarantee system established under complete process technologies, strong .

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