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Hydrocyclone For Coal And Iron Seperation

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Introduce of the polyurethanePolyurethane is a new type of polymer composite material,belonging to high-tech products,according to the classification of it between plastic and rubber ,it has many good performancecellent abrasion resistance performance and long service life 810 times longer than common wire products, 3 times longer than stainless wire products is the best choice for various industryatures of Hydrocyclone1ydro Cyclone Separator is a kind of equipment for classifying the ore pulp by usingcentrifugal force Hydro Cyclone Separator has no motion and dynamic parts, but requires matching with corresponding slurry pumpclone desanderis based onfluidsolid particlesin thedesanderinscreening principlewhen rotatingincycloneand filtermade,as a whole,in the field of water treatmentto achievesand removal,and descending the turbid,solid-liquid separationeffect is remarkableSuitable for dry fine powder classifying,powders of ball shape ,flake shape and needle shape,also powders with different densitiesProduct size from classifier can vary from D972 micron to 150 microne product size is adjustable,which makes the change of product size easy and simpleClassifying efficiencyextraction rate can be between 60% and 90%terial with good flow-ability would have high classifying efficiency,otherwise,the classifying efficiency would be lowVertical classifier wheel would have low ratation speed,low wear and low motor powerAdvantage of the hydrocyclone1ve floor space2w construction expense3rge processing capacity4able Performance5w maintenance charge6sy to attach and detach7e classification particle size can reach 10mConstruction and principle of the hydrocycloneHydrocyclone include mine management, overflow pipe, overflow pipe and Spigotpper of the hydrocyclone is a hollow cylinder and the lower is a cylinder communicating back vertebraey centrifugal force and gravity, throw out the thicker, heavier mineral particlesParameter-Hydrocyclone SpecificationProcessingcapacitym3hOverflowparticlesizemOverflowopeningDiametermmSedimentopeningdiameter mmWeightkg FX-125360-5014,18,25,3515,2557 FX-15071535-7520,40,32,2516,24,32128FX-25010-3940-10026,34,50,6920,25,35205FX-30037-4345-10565,7535,40287FX-35074-9050-11595,105,11560,70,80430FX-500170-22060-120140,160,18070,90,110718FX-660350-52570-130203,254,3051521130usageApplication1osed circuit grindingMineral ClassificationConcentrate or Tailings Thickening,DewateringTailings damming and fillingWithout motion and power unit,it needs to match with relevant slurry pumpdro Cyclone Separator is mainlyused in ore dressing industry for classifying, sorting, thickening and deslimingPackaging ShippingPackaging ShippingAbout hydrocyclone package, Normally we packone rollinto the strong woven bagnd then putthem into big cartone complete package is like below image, it is very safe when ship by sea or by airCompany InformationAdvantage of Dezhou ChaishangDezhouChaishangShangmaoCotdhavebeenspecializedin polyesterproductsmorethan18years, and we have our own research and development department, before packaging our worker would strictly inspect our products to insure the high qualityin productsFAQFAQQArethesamplesfreeofcharge?AYes,allsamplesarefreeofchargeButifyouneedthesamplewhichisbiggerthanour preparedsample,alittleoffeewillbeneededAnd, thesamplefeewillbereturnedassoon asthe order placedHow about the payment terms?A50% in advance as deposit by TT,the balance payment before the shipmentQWhat is the delivery time?AIt is according to your quantity,normally 10 to 20 daysQAfter sale serviceEvery product will be inspected strictly before deliveryell in charge of all losses if there is any quality problemContact informationIf you would like to learn more and get latest price please add my TM or sendinqury to me, or get in contact with me through.

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