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Hematite Dry Process

Rotary Kiln Oven For Calcite Dolomite Hematite Fracturing Sand Direct Reduction Iron Dri Calcination Process Plant From China

Rotary Kiln is a widely used calcining equipment which provides high temperature circumstance for the processed the materials, and keep the material inside the rotary kiln for certain time, making sure the material is effectively converted to the required materials, then discharges the maerials from the rotary kiln and cools the material, then we can get the final productsaully the materais needs to stored in silos, which is more convenient either for the packing process or for bulk shipmenthe rotary kiln can be used for different projects, below are some popular applications of the kilnRotarykilnsforthecementindustryRotary kilns for lime calcinationRotarykilnsforlightweightaggregateRotary kilns for LECARotary kiln incineratorRotarykilnsforhazardouswasteincinerationRotary kilns for medical waste incinerationRotary kilns for iron ore pelletizingRotarykilnsforactivecarbon producingRotarykilnsforactivatedcarbonregenerationRotarykilnsforburningofpetroleumcokeRotarykilnsforburningofzincmaterialRotary kiln for -aluminaRotarykilnsforoilfracturingproppantRotarykilnsforlimerecoveryRotarykilnsforsinteringandburningofmagnesiteanddolomiteRotarykilnsfordirectreductionandburningofchromiumoresRotarykilnsforreductionprocessesofmetallizedpelletsRotarykilnsforpre-reductionofnickelandmanganeseoresRotarykilnsforminingandsmeltingindustryRotarykilnsforburningofaluminiumandbauxiteRotarykilnsforconcentrationandburningofsodaandphosphatesRotarykilnsfortreatmentofsecondarymineralrawmaterialsMain Components of rotary kilnsCalcite Rotary KilnDolomite Rotary Kiln DRI PlantMajor componentsShell partDriving deviceSupporting device Supporting device with thrust roller Oil pump station for thrust rollerSealing device for kiln head and kiln tailCooling air pipeSpecial tools for rotary kiln, etcA rotary kiln is ideal for calcining high-grade cement in cement plantst is also commonly used in the production process of catalytic agent, molecular sieve and zinc oxide, etcs a result, you can find a rotary kiln in variety of industries, like steel annealing and nonferrous smelting industries, metallurgy and chemistry fields, and building industries, and moreA rotary kiln, which is also called a rotary calcine kiln, is a commonly used building material machinelassifying by material properties, a rotary kiln falls into cement kilns, metallurgy chemical kilns, and lime kilnsWe Jiangtai can provide kilns with different shapes, including mesh-belt kiln, rotary furnace, tunnel furnace, shuttle kiln, push board kiln, etcll our rotary kiln features simple structure, reliable and convenient control of production process, few wear parts and high operation rateIntroduction of different types of rotary kilns calcite rotary kiln dolomite rotary kiln DRI Plant1 cement rotary kiln is primarily used for calcining cement clinkert can be divided into dry process rotary kilns and wet process rotary kilns2 metallurgy chemical kiln is mainly used for magnetized roasting of lean iron ore, and oxidizing roasting of chrome ore and nickel ore, etcn steel plantsIn refractory plants, this rotary kiln is mainly used for roasting different high-alumina refractoriesIn aluminium factories, it is mainly used for roasting clinker and aluminum hydroxideWhen used in chemical industry, it is mainly used for roasting chrome ores, and chrome powders, and more3ime kiln is applied to roast active lime and dolomite which are commonly used in steel factories and ferroalloy factoriesFeatures of rotary kilns1hrough technological innovation, our rotary kiln is designed with international leading wheel catch device, high precision plunger metering pump, high accuracy speed control valve and contact graphite block sealing device, etc2n order to improve machinery automation, an industrial computer is used for showing the calcining condition, and a fluorescent screen is adopted for showing the simulated process flowsn infrared scanner is utilized for transmitting the calcining condition to the computerThese new technologies provide our rotary kiln with strong visual sense, convenient operation and reliable performancehey help stabilize thermal regulation and improve operation efficiency4omparing with other similar cement production equipment, the operation rate of our rotary kiln increased by 10%, production increased by 5%-10% and heat consumption decreased by 15%As a professional rotary kiln manufacturer in China, Henan Jiangtai can also provide full specifications of crushing machines, mineral processing equipment, cement production lines, fertilizer equipment, etchese products are popular in metallurgy, mine, chemistry, coal and building materials industries due to their excellent performance, high productivity and convenient maintenanceIn order to meet customers requirements, we also provide impact crusher, cone crusher, magnetic separator, and moreelcome customers all over the globe to contact us We sincerely welcome you to visit our company.

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