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Glycerin Based Grinding Aid

Cement Grinding Aid

This product is based on polyol molecules, the molecular modification at the same time compounded with other organic grinding componentshis product can be directly used as a kind of auxiliary grinding fluidt can also be mixed with other materials to ensure the strength of the cementis product is used in the production of grinding aids, can reduce the high price of raw materials such as triethanolamine dependence, at the same time, the late strength of cement has no adverse effects PHSolid Content %10-12711ackaging ShippingThis product is 200kg plastic drum or 1000kg tons of barrels or liquid bag packaging, to avoid freezing, valid for one yearore than shelf life to be confirmed through the test whether it can be recycledmpany InformationLiaoning Kelong Fine Chemical CoLtd was founded in 1988ver 20 years hard work, we have grown a specialized fine chemical manufacturer and well-known company in chinas one of high-tech enterprise Kelong Chem focus on science and technology innovationur aim is respecting people and serving people with technologye have engaged many experts to research core technology and gain many patentse are specialized in surfactants research, manufacture and distributionowadays, our dominant products are polycarboxylate superplasticizer, cutting fluids, paint additives and concrete admixture which are widely used in many area, such as daily chemicals, pharmacy, textile printing, ectt the same time our sales network covers all over worldhe company has imported four advanced ethoxylation production lines from Germany, which annual manufacturing capacity was more than 80,000 tonsFAQ.

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