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Shanghai Huanqiu Bopp Adhesive Tape For Packing Carton

BOPP adhesive tapeAdhesive Tape Features1 BOPP tape is widely used for medium and heavy duty carton sealing Inner Packaging 3 Width 72mm, 60mm, 50mm, 48mm4 Length 100y, 50y, 45yOuter adhesive tape packaging Dimensions 410 x 310 x 315, 310 x 290 x 315Special specifications can be orderedAnd our adhesive tape passed the third party inspection institution "SGS"aterialBOPPSidesinglePrintingofferTape colorcustomized NAMETransparent TapeParent metalBOPPHeal resistance steel ball13mm25Holding power24hoursPeel adhesionNewton25mm5Tensile StrengthN10mmwidthmm12 48 50etclengthmuser-definedThicknessum40-90Paper Core IDmm761PS Mian applicationSeals the box,packing and printing.

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