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60-150t Compact Steel Structure Maize Flour Mill Production Linecorn Flour Processing Equipmentmaize Flour Milling Machine

PRODUCTS DESCRIPTIONFor 60T-150T maize corn mills we design by compact steel structural , Workshop generally 11-12M high including the silo, storage housepacityT24hrRoller Mill typeWorker Noer ShiftPowerKwWorkshop L*W*Hm60Pneumatic4-631018*10*1180Pneumaticelectric4-637021*10*12100Pneumaticelectric4-641025*10*12120Pneumaticelectric4-646030*10*12150Pneumaticelectric4-651034*10*12According to customer different market requirementhe technical can be adjust, for example, * different maizecorn semolina size and flour For oil extraction* For pre-cooked cornmaize floursemolinaRNKEY PROJECTSIn the turnkey projects1ilding and machine layout are made according to the target capacity of the investor and diagrams and flowsheet are formedIn the steel construction project,starting from groundbreaking phase until roof finishing so that the plant will have a solidinfrastructureMachines required for the project are manufactured according to the project- specific requirements and minimum cost for the customerExpert team provides the plant to run in the required capacity, performance and final product quality valuesExpert team trains the employees of the customer before and after the plant is started upWe provides 36524 continuous .

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