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Cost Of Crusher Bucket In India

High Efficiency Lubricating Oil Drum Shredder Gallon Drum Grinder Plastic Bucket Crusher

Lubricating oil drum Shredder It is a high-speed plastic crusher produced by our company, which is suitable for crushing and regenerating shell plastics such as plastic barrels, gallon barrels, plastic kettles, plastic baskets and plastic bottlest can crush the above materials into pieces WB600DF-AWB600DF-Btechnical parameter ModelWB230DFWB300DFWB400DFWB600DFWB700DFWB800DFWB1000DFWB1200DFWB1400DFWB1600DFStrengthenStrengthenStrengthenStrengthenStrengthenStrengthenStrengthenStrengthenStrengthenStrengthenLightLightLightLightLightLightLightLightLightLight powerKW4512230304555-9075-132110-16075222230457590 yieldKG80-200100-260300-500600-1000800-1200900-16001200-18001600-25003000-50003800-6500200-400400-800600-1000800-12001000-150001500-20002000-34003000-6000Blade material9CRSI SKD116CrW2SiT10 Tungsten steel Inlaid front Feed inletMM250*260320*280420*420620*500720*620820*6201020*6501220*7001420*7501620*800420*380620*420720*480820*4801020*5601220*5601420*6501620*680 MeshMM1mm weightKG26032056010801950206032004800850011800420860115014001820226038505400The above parameters are for reference only, please refer to the actual situationWorking principle On the working principle, waste cloth crusher adopts the shearing principle, and realizes the shearing and crushing processing of materials through a fixed knife fixed on the machine body and a movable knife fixed on a tool resturing the shearing process, the materials roll up and down at high speed in the machine cavity under the drainage effect of a knife plate, and the materials which meet the discharging requirement after crushing are discharged out of the machine box through the screen hole at the bottom of the machine box to complete the crushing operation and the materials which do not meet the discharging requirement are further crushed in the machine box until the discharging requirement is met and then discharged through a screenplication scope Plastic crusher is suitable for crushing plastic films, plastic bottles, plastic baskets, plastic barrels, automobile bumpers, plastic steel doors and windows, machine head materials, chemical barrels, waste cloth, fibers, wires, cable covers and other waste plastics and plastic processing defective productst can also be used for crushing soft metalsckaging Shipping The goods are mainly packed in wooden cases, cartons, plastic film wrapping, containers and other forms, and transported by rail, air and shiphe specific transportation mode is determined by the customers region and customers requirementsfter determining the transportation mode and packaging mode, our company will provide you with the corresponding transportation cost detailsCompany Information1 Pre-sale serviceIn order to let each customer know better about the performance and requirements,we will send each potential customer the detailed production information and company profilecording the users different needs,we will be glad to recommend and guide for them to help them select the appropriate equipment Service during saleDo good communication with customers so that each part can exchange the informationDeliver on time as per the contract clause After-sale serviceTo track the customers feedback after receiving the equipment,any quality problem about the product we receivefrom our clients,the .

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