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Rock Sand Washing Machine

Mining Equipment China Sand Washing Machine Manufacturer

Product ApplicationSand washer is widely used for the washing of the material sand quarry, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station,etccording to different kind of washing type, we haveSpiral sand washing machineWheel type sand washing machineDetailed Images 1his machines structure is simplehe impeller drive device is separated with water and the watered materiel avoiding that the bearing is damaged by Deeping in water, sand, or contamination This machine has obvious advantages compared with screw sand washerhe details are as followsahe medium and fine sand are washed away lesshe washed construction sands gradation and modulus of fineness can get the standard which is regulated in national construction sand and construction scree and gravel There are almost no wearing parts except screen mesh High capacity2eavy duty conveying paddles3abricated with heavy duty tubs4versize bearings and gears5hick-walled shafts6ower end bolted to fully machined stub shaftpper end mounted through flexible coupling to output shaft of gearbox7he compound drive divides the operating load over an optimal combination of oversized helical and spur gearsContinuous grinding and abrading log washer paddles8djustable water discharge gates on both sides of lower end of the tubMachine DifferenceDifference of Wheel Sand Washer and Spiral Sand Washer Wheel Sand Washing machineWheel type sand washer a professional cleaning devices for less than 8mm sand grainimple structure, impeller drive bearing unit with water and by water isolation material, to avoid bearing due to flooding, sand and pollutants cause to the damage phenomenonn the job, fine sand and stone powder wastage is minimaln addition, the screen has almost no wearing parts, long life, long-term without maintenancepiral Sand Washing machineSpiral sand washer can be used to clean sand, gravel, or for grading equipmentt is widely used in cleaning the materials containing a large quantity of mud obviousts a good seal structure, fully enclosed gear, efficient, durable, good dehydration effect, the power consumption is small, fine products remain stables seal structure, the use of closed transmission device, has high efficiency, durable, dehydration effect is good, small power consumption, and fine particle characteristics of products remain stable.

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