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Process Stone Sawmill

Diamond Wire Saw Machine For Stone Curve Line And Mosaic Process

ParameterCutting ability 0-200MMthicknessLiner speed 0-30MsPerimeter of wire saw 4550MM Work table size 855X700Power supply 380VPower of motor 3KWNet weight 500KGOutline dimension 1003X870X2274DETAILThe machine adopts 3m diamond wire saw, super thin in the world is mainly used for curve line process, shaping of marble, gens and other stone artworkt is more flexible than band saw, more suitable for curve cuttingt has the advantages of small contact area, flexible process, adjustable speed, strong adaptability, and low costt isindispensabletool for stone artwork and art-craft processingt provide new processing platform for stone curve line and artwork processing because of its efficiency and flexibilityith the development of diamond wire saw technology, continuous cutting down of manufacturing cost, the application will expand to countertop processing, hole cutting, and other fieldshe machine can also adopt 7m diamond wire sawCompany Information.

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