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Coal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine1pact crusher Impact crusher are most often used for rock crushing, be also used in the recycling industry to process hard and brittle materials of all kindshat is important today, in addition to the quality of the end product, is environmental and cost awareness , availability and a wide field of application, impact crusher should reach all these requirements , zhuyan developed PF series impact crusher and PF series impact crusher , which are both larger and operates at steeper incline than any other similar system, ensuring that the materials is cleared quickly in high tph application , all while protecting the conveyor belt form damageal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine2pact crusher working principle1Impact crusher work process can be divided into two stepsirst impact crusher is driven by the electric motor through v- belt to rotate the rotor in high speed,when the material enters in the crushing chamber, it will be broken by the force of blow bar the first time , meanwhile , it will get kinetic energy to push itself toward to the impact plateSecond the material will be crushed by the impact plate and rebound to the blow bar again after being crushed his action will be done consistently till the materials are crushed to the suitable size and then are discharged through the discharging opening , the spec between rotor and impact curtain can be adjusted in order to changing the crushing degree and end products shapeteachnical data TypePF SERIES impact Crushermodel NOPF-1007PF-1010PF-1210PF-1214PF-1315PF-1515feeding portmm820*7001170*7201090*4651440*4651532*5601580*850Max feeding dimensionsmm300350350350350350capacityTH24-2550-8080-130100-160140-200220-280powerKw5575110132200280Motor TypeAC MotorLengthmm240025322638258028403550Widthmm155819852037240027482835Hightmm266021962713281025563270unit price FOB SHANGHAIUSSET TypeVB series vertical impact crushermodel NOVB6000VB7000VB8000VB9000Max feeding sizeMM35425860CapacityTPH100-200180-240200-500260-560PowerKw160200160*2250*2rotor speedrpm1500-25001200-19001100-20001000-1800DimensionsAmm1870215022202450Bmm2575390040204200Cmm2189259024692850Dmm1260110015751700Weightkg640080001240017000PRICE FOB SHANGHAIUSSETdelivey timewithin 18-20 working days TypeZIC series hydraulic impact CURSHER PF SERIESmodel NOZIC1010ZIC1012ZIC1408ZIC1410ZIC1412ZIC1416ZIC1420Working diametermm1020102013301330133013301330Effective widthmm9141143762914114315241848feeding port sizemm930*8001160*8001065*7781065*9301160*10651540*10651844*1065capacityTH60-13575-17076-17392-209116-261193-422250-548powerKw55-7590-11055-7590-110132-160185-220220-250Motor TypeAC MotordimensionsLength mmWidthmmhight mmweightkg10300115001140013900160001950022000price FOB SHANGHAIUSSETcoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine4pact CrusherFeatures Advanced Manufacture process and high-end fabrication1igh performance crusher2ith the integration of the crusher feeder and vibrating screen3ieve belt conveyor, vibrating screen, crusher integrated vehicle installation4raction steering shaft to facilitate road transport and venues in depth5ar installation support, equipment stationed efficient and convenient venue6ruck-mounted electric motor and control box integrationcoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine5mpact CrusherFeatures ApplicationPF impact crusher are mostly used as secondary1pact crusher are widely used in mining,metallurgy, construction, highway, railroad, and water conservancy, etcal, garbage and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site work2crushing topsoil and a variety of other materials separation viscous aggregate coagulation construction and demolition industry screening after crushing quarrying industry3tificial sand river pebbles, rocks limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc ore tailings, stone chipscoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine6I Sand Making MachineIntroduction1dvanced Manufacture process and high-end fabrication material2eavy rotor design and tight test method improve the rotor performance3verall type cast steel structure bearing base improves anti load resistance capacity4ydraulic jacking device and hydraulic regulated discharging port is helpful to save labor and timecoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine7w does iimpact crusher works ?1PF Impact Crusheris a use of impact energy to crush materials broken machineryhen the machine is working, driven by the motor, the high-speed rotation of the rotor, while the material into the plate hammer area, and the impact on the rotor hammer crusher, and then was thrown back on the device again broken, and then from the back liner bomb Back plate hammer again crushing area, this process is repeated, the material descending into the one, two, three broken back cavity repeated until the material is broken to the desired size, from the discharge port Stone from the machine directly into the upper part of the high-speed rotating turntable the role of the high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part of the Umbrella way shunt produce high-speed collision with a high density of crushed stone fly around the turntable, stone in the fight against each other, will caused by repeated another blow crushed between the wheel and chassis to form a swirling motionning dump truck for sale stone crusher mining equipmentcoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine8ow to select the model NO The jaw crusher breaks the ore by mutual collision between the moving jaw and the fixed jawt is not easy to cause wear and corrosion of the equipment during the crushing processhe crushed material has more uniform particle size, better quality and strong pertinencedaptable and flexible, easy to control and many other advantages, it is favored by consumers, occupying a very high share in the crusher market Different types of jaw crushers have different feed port sizes, processing capacities, motor powers, etcow can we choose the right jaw crusher model?The following is a selection method for the jaw crusher specifications and models summarized by theengineer form zhuyan industrial1Familiar with the materialDifferent types of jaw crusher, the applicable materials are also different, then the jaw crusher can crush which materials, the user needs to analyze the mineralogical characteristics such as hardness, structure and humidity of the processed materials before selecting the model, and Investigate the production environment to select the jaw crusher model that matches the material propertiesning dump truck for sale stone crusher mining equipment2capacity requirementsDue to the different scales of the manufacturers, the output requirements of jaw crushers are also differentsually, the jaw crushers of large models are more adaptable and have higher output, but the price is more expensivequirements and production should select the enough capacity machine for thework conditioning ning dump truck for sale stone crusher mining equipment3 the cost of equipmentThe priceperformance ratio of a jaw crusher refers to the ratio of performance to priceomprehensive performance of efficiency, production, energy saving and environmental protection, and purchase high-quality jaw crusher equipment at a lower pricening dump truck for sale stone crusher mining equipmentcoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine9EACHNICAL SUPPORT ZHUYAN have professinal teachnical team design for standard or not standard machineall over the work conditioning and supply the the offer , selection , and project training , afer sales servicemining dump truck for sale stone crusher mining equipmentcoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine10cking wood palletsmining dump truck for sale stone crusher mining equipmentcoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine11ELIVERY within 25-35 working days without currently timecoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine12heDevelopmentOf CrusherManufacturersNew Impact Crusher FunctionNew impact crusher promotes greening of crusher industrycoming an very important infrastructure guidance, mining gear machines, including impact crusher and ball mill increasingly extra draws in men and women be concerned together with a concentrateherefore, eco-friendly generation and energy conservation also have grow to be an vital job inside the influence crusher sectorradually and gradually improve measurement using the marketplace along with growing rivals scenario have produced a breakthrough likelihood applying the enhancement of mining gear location, and simultaneously also encourage the appear of the actually astounding quantity of top with the line, efficient and eco-friendly stone influence crusher plant, which brings the outcome crusher sell to eco-friendly improvement routeong with fast economic improvement and constant technological developments, the degree of competition in impact crusher sector and pressure on atmosphere could also improveor have long-term survival and development, virtually every single of your effect crusher corporations simply take the measures of integrating environment technologies, speeding up the speed of enhancing and enhancing the common about the item, to have the capability to minimize the stress, to slim the opening with foreign condition-of-the-art quantity also to acquire forward inside the tide of competition e brand new eco-friendly effect crusher items not just lessens the pollution levels inside the crushing program, but probably sales possibilities the outcome crusher equipment??s switching to new routenfluence crusher firms ought to certainly normally wander within the entrance from the mining gear marketplace, take market place due to the fact the driving potential and innovation since actions, intensely introduce first-class specialized knowledge, to invest in your brand-new investigate and improvement of impact crusher tools and innovate a whole lot far more new quantity of energy-saving, atmosphere-friendly and higher productive influence crusher products, as a way to give you a sturdy back-up stress mining equipment sector and provide a encouraging hands towards the greening of apparatus locationcoal crushing machine, metal crushing machine,natural stone machine14 PROJECT CASE work conditioning.

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