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Grain Crusher Plant From South Africa

Widely Used Small Grain Mills Disk Mill Hot Sale In South Africa 008613703827012

Widely used small grain mills disk mill hot sale in South AfricaIntroductionThis maize grinding machine used grinding maize corn, sweet potato and other vegetablesll at once crushed into a powder, leaving no residuehe machine is also used to crush kinds of straw with good quality and high capacity this small grain pulverizer is used to crush and grind grains like rice,wheat,corn,sorgarm,beans,sweet potato,potato,potato vine and other massive plants and fiber feedst is very helpful for farmers family to process food for themselves or process feed for feeding livestock and poultryhis electricity grain crusher can also be driven by diesel engine if there is no electricity its widespread usage,we also call it a animal feed grain crusher or small crusher for home useFruit Shell, herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, rice husk, corn cob, straw, grains, dried small shrimps, fish meal, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, spices, jujube, lees, cake, potato residue, tea, soybean, cotton, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, hundreds of various edible fungi and other difficult materials processingt is the ideal grinder of husbandry, food and other industriesNote Processing of explosive materials can not be crushedSpecification TypeWeightkgSizemmCapacitykghPowerkw9SL-1601602000-2001w9SL-2001702000-3003kw9SL-2801902000-4004HP9SL-30021020*0100-5004HP9SL-32023020000-700three-phase motor 7w9SL-36025020000-10011kw9SL-32018010100-300Single-phase 3kw9SL-36020010100-600Single-phase 4HP9SL-40023010100-800three-phase motor 57w9SL-42026010100-1000three-phase motor 11-7w9SL-50029011100-1500three-phase motor 11-13kw If you have any question or doubt, please feel free to contact me.

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