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Electrical Drive In Ball Mill Application

400v 200kw Motor Soft Starters For Pump Application

CHINA BEST QUALITY SOFT STARTEREM-GS3 Series Soft starter 380415V1The main function1fectively reduce the starting current of the motor Can reduce the distribution capacity, avoid grid expansion investment2duce the starting stress of motor and load equipment Prolong the service life of the motor and related equipments3ft stopping function can effectively solve the parking surge problem of inertial systems That is a traditional starting equipment cannot be achieved4th six unique starting mode To adapt to the complex motor and load, achieve perfect priming effect5th complete and reliable protection function effectively protect the safety of motor and related production equipment6telligent motor soft starter, the application of network technology used motor control technology to adapt to the rapid development of electric power automation technology in the higher requirementshe main feature of soft starter Reliable quality1e computer simulation design2T production process3od EMC performance4e machine before delivery on the high temperature aging, vibration testerfect and reliable system protection function1otection of no voltage, less voltage and over voltage2otection of overheating and starting time too long3otection of Input phase lost, output phase lost and 3phase unbalance4otection of starting over current, running overload, and load short circuit protectionintenance function1ult self-diagnosisshort circuit, over voltage, less voltage, one phase grounded, motor overload, one phase lost, motor blocked, and intelligent software can inspect drag system working stateCombination of modular design, according to the fault display content, quick troubleshootingndependent intellectual property products 1Independently software copyright2tor starting and protection proprietary technology3ique way to detect debug equipment and processuick and thoughtful after-sales service1liable performances lay the foundation of qualified service and quality2ovide perfect system solution3e timely and thoughtful Consulting Services4nstantly improve the product performance according to users opinionafety ClausesThanks for your using EMHEATER intelligent motor soft starter, this product is used for three-phase squirrel cage induction motor soft starting and soft stopping controlefore using, please carefully read and understand the contents of this manualn the process of using the soft starter, please note the following Safety Clauses 1ease check this user manual carefully before using the productly the technical person is allowed to install the product be sure that the motor is correctly matched with the soft starterIt is forbid to connect capacitors to the output terminals U V Wease seal the terminal switch insulation glue after finishing connect theme soft starter and its enclosures must be fixedly earthedring the maintenance and repair, the input must be off-powerhis user manual content may be changed due to .

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