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Body composition analyzer machine GS6can detect various elements of human body and analyze human health status, which applies the accurate measurement of AVR microcomputer controllerhe machine test frequency is 20KHZ, 50KHZ, and 100KHZ, so the testing results is very exactly Product nameBody analyzer machineElectrode method8 point contact electrodeTechnologyMulti-frequency bioelectrical impedanceInput powerAC100240V, 5060HZAccessoryA4 color printerrest report USBLanguageEnglishmulti-languageCustomized serviceOEM ODM LOGOBODYANALYSIS MACHINEADVANTAGEWhy do I need a body composition machine scan?Because of the information this bodycompositionanalysis machine will provide you, it can also raise alarm bells with low Bone Mineral Density or high levels of Visceral fat fat around organsoth of which are health risks that would need medical attention or changes to exercise and nutritionFor those who frequent the gym or are athletic and look after their health and wellbeing,the Body Composition Analysis report can help monitor if your current gym program or exercise and nutrition regime is working for youhe report can also assess any imbalances in the limbs of the body, making it great for Personal Trainers and Coaches to be able to prescribe programs for individuals needsstomers FeedbackCertificationsRelated ProductsCompany Information.

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