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Beekeeping Supplies Tools Embossed Bee Wax Foundation Sheet Mills Finish Machine With Paralleled Beeswax Comb Roller

Product Information1 e beeswax foundation machine beeswax comb foundation machine is a type of manual, electric or full automatic beeswax machine, with a roller width of 195 250 350 450 500 650 750 mm or as your requiredeswax foundation machine is a type of beeswax foundation machine with a rollere surface of these rollers has a honeycomb cell designed which embosses the comb foundation sheete beeswax embossing machine is used for producing comb foundation and allowing the bees to build up their home themselves e main structure of the beeswax comb foundation mill machine consists of two aluminum alloy rollers fixed horizontally close together in a cast iron framees the advanced machine engraving technologyercomes the problem that spacing is dissimilitude and foundation receive rate lowigh precision cell sizeatured by no lead included, high precision, durable use, can produce different kind of beeswax sheetshe beeswax foundation sheets it produced are hard compact and neatly.

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