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Ball Mill And Classifier Silica Sand

Ball Mill Classifier For Quartz Sand Silica Zirconxkj Brand

Ball mill classifierBall mill and Classifier is used for kinds of mine ore dressing process, play a key role for grindinghe ball mill and classifier form a closed cycle, small stone directly flow into nest process after ball mill, and bigger stone into spiral classifier then back to ball mill for scondary grindingHow to choose the suitable ball mill classifier ? 1now the hardness of your own ore Choose the energy-saving ball mill to the great extent Know the ore fineness required Choose the right diameter and length of the ball mill according to the output requirement Buy it from the professional ball mill manufacturer relative to your ore which would be best The manufacturer should hold the market share in the place where your enterprise located Choose the new-type transformation ball mill with the rotate speed different from the module 8hoose the aperture of the close board and the sub-freignt space according to the ore fineness of your demand Choose the lining board material and set the thickness of the steel plate on the mill body by the price of the ball milllect the modules of the big gear and pinion, and the manufacturers of the electric motor and the speed reducer Installation of 1200x2400 ball mill Ball Mill consists of feeddischarge parts, rotary shell, transmission part and other major componentsllow shaft is with steel parts, lining is removableotary gear adopts casting hobbing, and the tube body is with resisting linerA qualifiedtechnicianwill guide the installation as well as the commissioningParameter of ball mill classifier ModelShell rotation speedrminBall loadtFeeding sizemmDischarging sizemmCapacitythMotor powerkwWeightt900*1800363812005-00-218900*30003622005-013261200*24003632505-040121200*30003632504-0537121200*4500322504-055131500*3000292504-0-575161500*450027112504-0-6110211500*570028122504-06130251830*30002512504-0-10130291830*45002552504-012155351830*64002412504-015210431830*70002432504-017245432100*30002352504-036155342100*45002342504-0-43245382100*70002362504-0-48280562200*45002172504-0-45280512200*65002152504-04-26380602200*70002152504-05-28380622200*75002152504-05-30380642400*300021232504-0-50245542400*450021302504-060320652700*40002002504-02-80380942700*45002082504-02-904801023200*450018652504-05-1308001373600*450017902504-08501583600*6000171102504-01250175Sharp tools make good work Xingyang Mining Machinery Manufactoryhas bought advanced manfacturing equipments from home abroadmerical control machine tools with high-precision,large processing equipments special test equipments provide strong safeguard for product quality and company developmentWhy choose our company machine?1e are factory NOT DealerAllmachineryfromHenan Xingyang Mining Machinery Manufactory aremadebyourselves, NotradecompanymakeCommissionmanytradecompaniesdonotproducethemachinery,thelowerpricewiththesamegoods, goodquality, afterservicecanbeassuredafter serviceoftradecompanieswillgethelpfromfactorySopleasebuyfromfactory2ewill do our best tosatisfy every customers needsProducing high-quality and reliable machines is our first priority, because we know that our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our customerse never give-up quality to save costWewillleave5% retention moneyfor3months toshowoursincerityou can pay itafterthemachine gointonormal operation3Training serviceTraining is FREE to every customerhenever you need us, for installation, maintenance, or proper use of our company machines, we will be right there for youn addition, we provide one-year warrantee to make sure your machine runs consistentlye always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replacements can be shipped to you right away4f you are new for this business, I will help youManythanksforyourtrustwecan provideyouwiththepre-services ofdesignschemefor completeproduction lines, spotinspectionandoperatortrainingaccordingtoyourdemandsandtheconditionsofappliedspot, wecanhelpyouchoosetherightequipments, drillingrig, Loader, trucks, excavatorsandsoon5e will recommendasuitabletypeforyou and send you a best quotation.

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