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Alumina Ceramic High Density Wear Resistance Ceram

High Purity Alumina High Density Wear Resistance Industrial Ceramic Textile Parts

Ceramic Textile PartsAlumina or aluminum oxide Al2O3 in its various levels of purity is used more often than any other advanced ceramic materialigar Ceramic offers a wide range of material types with different property profiles that can be adjusted via a targeted matrix designis material has very high hardness, very high stiffness, very good corrosion resistance to chemicals at high temperature, and very high refractoriness or use temperaturee applications for alumina advanced ceramics are heavy-duty forming tools, substrates and resistor cores in the electronics industry, tiles for wear protection and ballistics, thread guides in textile engineering, seal and regulator discs for valves, heat-sinks for lighting systems, protection tubes in thermal processes or catalyst carriers for the chemicals industryropertyUnitsAl2O3 Content%9698999ensityg cm33333Color-WhiteWhiteIvoryIvoryCompressive Strength 25 CMpa2229209125122350Tensile Strength 25 CMPa200200248252Flexural Strength 25 CMPa331276324320Elastic Modulus 25 CGPa290331366380Hardness Knoop RockwellGpa Kgmm2R45N11 11967912 12767714 14288515 1510 90Thermal Conductivity 25 CW m-Deg K208301oefficient of Thermal Expansion 25-1000 C1 X 10-6 Deg C7pecific Heat 25 Ccal g Deg C4420Maximum Working Tempg C1650165017001700VolumeResitivity 25C 700 Cohm-cmohm-cm1 X 10-131 X 10-81X 10-132X 10-91 X 10-136 x 10-71 X 10-136 x 10-7Dielectric Strength Thickness100Mils ac voltsper mil350340335330Dielectric Constant1Mhz25Ce eo80issipation Factor 1 Mhz25CTan Delta04030302 Q1re you a factory or a trading company? A We are professional manufacturerse warmly welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory and cooperate with us2he quality of how? A We insist on providing quality products to our customers3an I offer a customized product? A We always support customization according to different raw materials of our customers4ow do you get a quote? A Please send me your drawings and attach the .

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