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Wet Vs Dry Iron Ore Processing

Best Selling Fe Iron Ore Powder Supplies For Metallurgy Parts

Customer feedbackSpecification GradeChemicalanalysis%ADFLOWGD600MpaParticlesizedistributionUm%CSiMnPSHlCugCmS50ggCm80Mesh212um100Mesh150-212um325-200Mesh45-150um-325Mesh-45umJWF1000000000000002-3307010Balance15-30JWF100H0000050505002-3307010Balance15-30JWW40000000000002-315-20Balance20JWW40000000000003-315-30Balance20JWF200000000000002-3106-75um3%,-75umBalanceJWF300000000000002-375-45um3%,-45umBalanceProduct UsesGet a Quote Now,please click Contact Supplieron the topRestassured that you can trade with us with confidenceAbout usCertificationsManufacturing procesManufacturing process of Water Atomized Iron PowderIron metal is melted down in an electric arc furnacehe melt is teemed, slag-free, through a bottom hole into a ladle where it is refined he ladle is then transferred to the atomizing station and the liquid iron is again teemed, slag-free, through a bottom hole in the ladle into a specially designed tundishom the tundish, the liquid iron flows in through the center of a ring-shaped nozzle, where it is hit by jets of highly pressurized watert this stage the stream of liquid iron explodes into fine dropletsr, swept along by the water jet and water vapor arising in the atomizing process, causes superficial oxidation of the small metal dropletshe solidified droplets and the atomizing water are collected in a container, where they settle as a mudhis mud powder is then de-watered and driedhe dried powder is magnetically separated from slag particles, screened, homogenized, and eventually transported to the annealing and reduction unit where the particles are therefore soft annealed, and their surface oxides and residual carbon are reduced in a belt furnaceIF YOU HAVE CUSTOMIZED ORDER,YOU CAN ALSO CONTACT US, WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH GOOD PRODUCTS ACCORDING TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS, EFFICIENT AND HIGH QUALITYnd inquiryFAQ1QHowdoIpayformypurchaseorder? ATTandLCisourusualpractice2QHowcanIgetthesampleandhowlongwillittakes? AForsmallquantitysample, it is free, but the air freight is collect or pay us thecostin advance, weusuallyuseInternationalExpress,andwewillshipittoyouafterreceiptofyourcharge3QWhatstheminimumorderquantity? A100kgs4QDoyouhavequalitycontrolsystem? AWe do have quality control system for each step of process controlling, andwe havethecontrol system from raw material to finished productse have ISO certificate and getIATF16949 soon5AboutPrice AThepriceisnegotiableItcanbechangedaccordingtoyourquantityorpackageWhen you are making an inquiry,please let us konw the quantityyouwantmeproducts we have in stock,theMOQ is thousands pcs6Aboutwarranty AWeareveryconfidentinourproducts,andwepackthemverywell,sousually you will receive your cargo in good conditiony quality issue,we deal with it immediatelyRemarkYour inquiries will be replied in 24 hours with our professional suggestionslcome to contact us by Email, Wechat, Skype, WhatsApp,or Phone callntact Us .

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