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Manufacturers Of Four Roll Coal Crusher1500 Tph

Teeth Roller Coal Crusher,double Tooth Roll Crusher,four Roller Crusher

Features1uble-roll crusher reasonable design, simple structure, small space occupation, convenient operationAdopts the optimal mechanical structure design and reasonable power matching, thereby greatly reducing the power loss, about 30% energy saving than other crushersEquipped with dust-proof plate, good sealing performance, avoiding the broken tiny splash of materials, little dust, low noise, use a good environment4rasive roller re optimize design, does not need to change the roller lifelong, while the old roller crusher use for one year would need to open repair, replace the rollerEquipped with a replaceable abrasion resistant lining plate, the wear-resistant liner using the domestic advanced wear-resistant materials, has the advantages of long service life, not easy to damage, convenient repair etcThe continuous service life of up to one year or more, wear serious, remove the cover can be replaced small amount of maintenance, low costEquipped with safety protection device, when have unexpected metal iron into the crushing chamber, the protection device action, iron leakage equipment normal operationWorking Principle of Roller crusherIn the working process, material falls in between the two rollers, and will be crushedormally, thematerial will be discharged from the bottomhen encountering material with high hardness,the rollers will automatically concede by hydraulic cylinder or spring which will increase the spacebetween the two rollers, resulting in the falling of material with high hardness and uncrushable material,to protect the machine from damagehanging the space between the two rollers can definitelycontrol the maximum particle size of discharged material.

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