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M Sand Is Good For Construction

Ship Survey Of Jet Dredger For Sand

Sand DredgerIntroduction This ship suit shadowing sea waves lessand follow water area operation requirements that is Non-self-propelled dredger assembled the whole steel welded Main Principlefirst through Bridge hydraulic cutter underwater excavation of soil was excavated sediment rotating reamer driven with water to form a fluid medium containing certain ores, located in the hydrodynamic cutter circle at the mouth of the mud pump suction , into the pump and get some energy out through the pipelinetterThe function of the cutter is to cut and agitate the sediment at the bottom of the riverDredging ArmThe length of the dredging arm determines the depth of the dredger, the general range is about 6m-35medge PipeThe dredge pipe is mainly used to transfer the mud or sand pumping up from the dredger to the sternnd dredger DetailsModelDredging DepthPump capacityDischarge distanceTotal PowerDK-CSD2008500 m3h500 m224 kwDK-CSD25012800 m3h800 m336 kwDK-CSD300141200 m3h1200 m559 kwDK-CSD400152200 m3h1500 m746 kwDK-CSD450153000 m3h1500 m895kwDK-CSD500163500 m3h2000 m1231 kwDK-CSD550186000 m3h2000 m1690 kwPump for Sand Dredger1ructure good,WN dredger pump adopts semi double shell structure, which reduces unnecessary auxiliary structure and process structureAdvanced hydraulic model with high efficiencyhe efficiency of the WN mud pump is 2-3 percentage point higher than beforen this way, lower energy consumption can be achieved gine for the Sand Dredger1mmins Engine is global warranty,spare parts can be available in short timevironmental protection and Energy conservation2e main engine driven the dredge pump and auxiliary engine drives hydraulic system including cutter,swing winches, ladder winch and the spud rams etcPontoon for the Sand DredgerThe dredger pontoon is with dismantle type and box-like structure, In order to transported convenient by truck, easy installation at working siteAnd it is sandblasted and painted by 4 layers of marine epoxy paint suitable for saltwater servicee Zinc anode can be used to give better anti-corrosion functionb for the Sand DredgerThe cab of the dredger is mainly for the operation personnel, including operation platform, air conditioner or fan, monitoring devicee operator can perform various operations on the dredger through controlling the operating platform, monitor the operation of the dredger and ensure the normal operation of the dredgerher partsWinchSpud CarriageBridgeHydraulic PipePacking DeliveryOur facotry Qingzhou Dingke Machinery Equipment Cotd, was established in 2003, a leading manufacturer of cutter suction dredger in China, and has established long cooperation relationship withnavigation bureau, ship design institutes Our main products Cutter suction dredger, cube wheel dredger, gold mining machine, and all the sand or gold ming equipmentur equipments are highly accepted by the clients from all over the worldr ServicePre-Sales Service* Inquiry and consulting support* Sample testing support* View our Factoryter-Sales Service* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine* Engineers available to service machinery overseasstomer visitMain Features of cutter suction dredger1 Standard design, allowing early delivery and low price Completely assembled and fully tested before delivery Simple, rapid assembly and dismantling Ready for operation on arrival at site Spare parts available from stock Transportable by road, rail or seaReliable hydraulic systemEfficient fuel consumptionlated products.

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