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Red Dry Chilli Pepper Grinder Chilli Powder Grinding Machine Dry Spice Mill

Category List VIEW ALLDCS-1 DCS-2DCS-4 weigherAW-1 auger fillerWeigherConveyorVFFS-280AVFFS-280CVFFS-280LVFFS-280LSDXD-280PVFFS-LLFlow wrapperFill Seal MachineDry GrinderDry GrinderDust collectionDry MixerRibbon BlenderDry GrinderUniversal PulverizerApplication ChiliDeer AntlerSugar, ricewalnutdried fruitStar aniseCorn kernelsBean, sesameJujubeSandy soilFeatureThis machine use high speed of operation activities fluted disc and fixed fluted disc of relative motion between, shattered by the tooth things impact, shear and friction and material each other collision comprehensive effect to achieve the purpose of grinding materialhis machine has simple structure, smooth operation, low noise, crushing effect is goodfter crushing material directly from the crushing chamber dischargehe particle size, but through the selection of different aperture screen to achievechnical parameter ModelOptionCapacitykghmain shaft speedroundminFinenessmeshPowerkwWeightkgSizeL*W*HmmFG-180220V380V20-1004200 rpm50-15020700*480*1000FG-250380V50-20050-150580750*600*1350FG-320380V150-30050-150750850*700*1450FG-350380V200-55050-15011400950*800*1650FG-400380V300-80050-150157001050*1000*2100Dry Grinder with Dust Collecting AbsorptionApplicationSuitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries, etcully made of stainless steelIt is a new generation of pulverizer with durable working life and reliable qualityaturesThe machine adopts the high-speed spinning blade of wind wheel and stationary knifet has advantages of low noise, light vibration and no dust flying in the course of productionrking principleThe machine has a relative movement between the moving gear tray and the fixed tray to pulverize the materialhe materials are pulverized by gear impacting mutual impacting anc frictionhe ground material automatically enters the collecting bag under the action of the eccentric force, and it is discharged from the dust absorption box through filtering bags.

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