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Building A Hydraulic Scrap Metal Crusher Korea

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Metal crusherMetal crusher introductionThe metal crusher can crush various large-volume, hollow, agglomerate and solidscrap metal materials from large size into small size ideal statefter high-pressure shearing, cutting, forming, encrypting, sorting and removing impurities by metal crusher,the metal material has smooth cut, uniform size, good separation, obvious impurity removal, high specific gravity, good phase quality, reduced transportation cost, increased stacking density, reduced storage footprint, reduced smelting cost and wide pollution demandsed in waste recycling enterprises, waste resource recycling enterprises, scrap metal recycling enterprises, steel plants, steel plant affiliates, smelting enterprises, aluminum alloy profile plants, foundries, non-ferrous ferrous metal smeltingand other industries and fieldsMetal crusher scopeMetal crusher is suitable for all kindsmetal material scrap metal, light and thin materials, cans, scraps, packing metal, thin iron, iron boxes, iron shavings, paint buckets, color steel tiles, rolling gates, scrap products, scrap steel , angle steel, steel pipe, steel slag, steel bar, steel wire rope, pipe, pipe fittings, metal scrap waste edge material, flushing iron edge material, edge material, residual material, trim, domestic waste, aluminum alloy products, aluminum plate buckles, castings, valves, joints, doors and windows, aluminum alloy shells, motor shells, engine blocks, stencils, cast aluminum parts, bicycles, motorcycles, rims, wheels, chassis, keel strips, electric vehicles, car dismantling pieces, waste electrical appliances refrigerator shell, washing machine shell, TV shell, computer, mobile phone, tablet, keyboard, mouse, wire, cable, circuit board, and other materials quickly brokenWaste steel recycling machine type1 magnetic selection belt conveyorProcessing capacity th 1-30 speed adjustable2 dry powder magnetic separatorProcessing capacity th 1-8 continuously adjustableMetal crusher consists ofThe machine consists of widening the feed bin, cutter shaft, casing, base, reducer, rotating shaft, motor, coupling, magnetic separator, screen and other componentsMetal crusher operating principleMetalnon-metal materials fall into the top of the metal Crusher knife plate, and the materials are subjected to high pressure penetration and tearing by rotating low-speed knives to achieve forced feedhen the high-pressure knife head that rotates inward from the cycle is continuously cut, shredded, cut, and squeezed at multiple levels and multiple surfacesfter the crushing, the clearance of the finished product that meets the required size shall be eliminated by the specified gap of the knife platehe sub-standard knife plate is re-emerged for secondary cycle crushing until it is eliminated after reaching the standardMetal crusher features1Metal Crusher adopts low-speed instantaneous crushing technology with the advantages of high yield, low energy consumption, small machine consumption, no noise, no dust, and low wear22he metal crusher can increase the multi-stage crushing effect by changing the cutter headhe discharge effect is comprehensive and the applicable materials are wider3, the metal crusher uses a thickened casing, the reinforcement of the body is more sturdyigh strength, wear resistance and practicality after heat treatment of Multi-segment cutter plate4he cutter head of the metal crusher cutter can be disassembled and assembled, and the maintenance is convenient in the later stage, and the replacement cost is low5he metal crusher has no supporting equipment and vulnerable partst can be turned on after power-on, convenient operation and stable operation6he metal crusher adopts a computer operation cabinet for centralized control with high degree of automation, and both fixed and mobile operations can be appliedMetal crusher advantages1he metal crusher rotates the multi-stage cutter to form high-pressure multi-stage shear, multi-stage shredding, multi-section cutting and multi-stage extrusion to achieve rapid crushing of metal materialshe metal crusher can increase the cutter shaft according to the difficulty of crushing different materials, and easily realizebreaking requirements2he metal crusher adopts multi-stage crushing cutter shaft, which effectively breaks the long wheelbase, effectively cuts the number of times, with the advantages oflarge output, high efficiency, uniform crushing and uniform size3he metal crusher adopts multi-stage cutter discs to bite each other and has high-pressure crushing effectt can realize regenerative crushing and impurity removal processing for various high-strength and fragile materials such as aluminum alloy shell, automobile chassis, motor casing and engine block The metal crusher can rotate the screen according to the material, and strictly control the discharge size to easily realize the material discharge size and impurity removal processingMetal crusher technical parameters Model PowerKWScope of applicationRotate speedProcessing capacitythMeasurementmmWeighttInput80045-55Waste tin, cans21-4001560*1800*22003200100090090-150Medium scrap metal blocks such as bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars, etc-402-44000*2300*28005113001100110-240Medium scrap metal blocks such as automobile cutting parts and paint drums21-304-104800*2900*32008-166001200150-320Large scrap metal blocks such as scrap cars21-308-125000*3200*3400288001300220-380Large scrap metal blocks such as scrap cars18-308-125000*3200*3400280001600290-400Large metal packages, car shells18-3015-216500*4200*3800364001800320-460Car shells, large scrap metal blocks, various scrap metals18-3019-245000*5200*4100488002000360-480Car shells, large scrap metal blocks, various scrap metals18-2124-285000*7200*550075000Our ServicesThe interests of the customer is our first consideration, our service pursuit refinement, strong design, development,manufacturing, installation, debugging and .

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