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Balmill Alumina

Best Price And Great Quality Of High-purity Alumina 99%

ApplicationsAlumina of 99 percent purity are mainly used in makingspecial ceramics, high pressure sodium lamps,fluorescent,catalyst carriers and special grinding materials SpecificationsChemical Composition Chemical CompositionAlOH3-Al2O3-Al2O3Al2O3 % 999999Si % 009010010Fe % 005006006Mg % 008009009Ca % 009010010Cu % 003004004Co % 002003003Ni % 002003003Pb % 004005005Na %002003003Specific surface Area m22g40-50150-2004-6d50 m015020010Application1minescent materials rare earth trichromatic phosphors used as the main raw material long afterglow phosphor, PDP phosphor, LED phosphor2ansparent ceramics used as fluorescent tubes for high pressure sodium lamp, electrically programmable read-only memory window3ngle Crystal for the manufacture of ruby, sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet4gh strength high alumina ceramicas the substrate used in the manufacture of integrated circuits, cutting tools and high purity crucible5rasivemanufacture the abrasive of glass, metal, semiconductor and plastic6aphragm Application for the manufacture of lithium battery separator coating7her as an active coating, adsorbents, catalysts and catalyst supports, vacuum coating, special glass materials, composite materials, resin filler, bio-ceramics etcHebei Suoyi Chemicals Import and Export CoLtdPriceswe can quote best price due to we have factoryQualityProducts certificated withCNAS,CMA,SGS etcServiceStrong RD team and qualified engineers,good sales and after-sales departments to meet any customized requirementsProduction capacityAdvanced production equipments with more than 300 workers to meet any ordered you makeOur outside marketUSA,Argentina,Colombia,Brazil,Turkey,Spain, Russia,Singapore,Korea,JapanetcAlso cooperation with famours international groupsLG Group,TorrecidGroup,3M,Yuber Group, Samsung Groupandso onCooperation conceptQuality first,credit principal,reasonable price,customer uppermostOur certificate.

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