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Used Iron Ore Impact Crusher For Sale South Africa

Factory Supply High Efficiency Mobile Impact Heavy Duty Impactor Phosphate Ore Impact Crusher For Sale

Advantage1gger Feeding granula with more yieldMaxranularity is upto 1600mm and with high crushing ratioach machine can produce 2500 tons per hourts crushing chamber is in compliance with the pricinple of dynamics, and is designed with an unique grateless structure to increase the amount of materials passing through, and is able to crush wet materials to avoid traditional problems of likely congestion and lower yieldLower investment with fast returnOne-stage crushing is complete and simplifying multi-stage crushing in one stage to make one machine works as two machines at a lower operation costith the same yield, its investment decreases by 30%, compared to a jaw crusher, and finished products are cubical, meets the national standard of construction materialsAnti-abrasion rotorUnique anti-abrasion retainer of a rotor plate overcomes the shortcomings of quick wearing and troublesome built-up welding of a traditional rotor platenti-abrasion retainer is fixed on a rotor with a pin shaft spring, and is highly anti-abrasive, easy to changeammer plate is designed with eight hammer shaft holes, among which 4 are standbyslloy steel shaft sleeve is set inside a hammer shaft hole to prolong service life of a rotorational StructureThe back of an impact crusher is made with rib structure and hammer head can turn 360 degreesch hammer head is of heavy weight with rational speed of big diameter rotor to withstand strong impact of big blocksts housing is robust and never deforms while granularity of discharge is adjustableower housing has been optimized to change the method in which a traditional hammer crusher would control its discharge granularity, to lessen wearing of a hammer head in the crushing chamber, and prolong its service life 3 to 5 times with higher efficiency and save power SNModelDiaength rotor mmFeeding Hopper Size Width*Length mmFeeding Granula mmProduction Capacity thMotor Power kwDimension mm1GXN-Z1310131010508901075650150-1801602950225024952GXN-Z151015009501000900700160-21013023260241427503GXN-Z1512150011601200900750250-32016023260262427504GXN-Z161516501452150012001000420-50020023667293734365GXN-Z162016601900200012001200800-100040023667320034366GXN-Z1820180019642000120012001000-120045023700327035157GXN-Z2125210024852530156015001800-30001250445545654670About usFAQAdvantages.

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