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Small Used Stone Crusher Equipment In India

Used Mini Small Stone Conical Con Cone Crusher Machine Price List For Sale In India

RemarksWe can configure different colors according to this modellated ProductsClick on the image to see more HYDRAULIC CONE CRUSHER INTRODUCTION Product IntroductionYHP Series Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is one of advanced cone crushers in China, which is developed and manufactured by our companyhe machine is one kind of high-class product combined with mechanical technology, electrical technology, hydraulic technology and advanced crushing technologyhe machine adopts high strength casting-steel frame, alloy forging main shaft and high precision straight bevel gear driving structure, combined with multi-chambers selection and automation control system, which fulfills the performance and advantagest can be widely used in secondary and fine crushing work for all kinds of hard materials and rocks to meet customers various needs for crushinge Working PrincipleThe Hydraulic cone crusher is consist of main frame, drive shaft, eccentric, socket liner, crushing body, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, lubrication system and hydraulic systemhen the crusher working, the motor drives the eccentric rotating through the drive shaft and a pair of bevel gear, cone axis does rotary pendulum movement under the force of eccentric sleeve , which makes the mantle surface sometimes near the concave, sometimes far from the concave, so that the ore in the crushing cavity is continually squeezed and being brokenhe material enter into the crusher from the upper feed opening, by crushing can be discharged from the bottom discharge openingoduct Features Advantages1he frame and main shaft are made of high-strength alloy steel for precision casting and precision forgingt is durable and suitable for the crushing of medium and hard materials The machine selects a reasonable combination of high swing frequency of the cone crushing part and large eccentricity stroke of the eccentric sleevehe throughput of this series of multi-cylinder cone crushers has been greatly improvedhe machine can be produced under a constant discharge port, which avoids the change of the discharge port caused by the single cylinder spindle floating up and down in production The specially designed crushing chamber adopts the high-energy lamination theory to input more energy, so that the material breakage not only occurs between the particles and the lining, but also between the particles and the particlesherefore, the output is higher, the wear parts are less worn, and the product shape is more cubic, and the needle-like content is less Fixed shaft design, the spindle does not move during operation, greatly increasing its strength, and can obtain greater installed power, but the weight of the equipment is much lower than the traditional cone Two-way iron-releasing hydraulic cylinder can make the iron block pass through the crushing chamber, and the hydraulic cleaning of the crushing chamber has a large stroke, and has nothing to do with the wear of the liner, reducing the amount of work required to remove the blockage material in the crushing chamber Hydraulic motor drive adjustment sleeve fixed cone lining, can accurately adjust the discharge opening, hydraulic motor can also make the adjustment sleeve and the fixed cone lining all out of the support sleeve, in order to replace the fixed cone lining and moving cone Liner, which greatly simplifies the workload of liner replacement The advanced lining fixing technology improves the reliability of the lining platehe tapered lining plate is matched with the spiral slanting surface of the fixed cone lining to form a self-locking the moving cone lining is tightly locked by the self-locking locking boltolid The bronze sleeve used in this machine can provide greater load capacity in a vibrating environment with large vibration and dust All parts can be disassembled and maintained from the top or sidet is convenient to replace the moving cone liner and the fixed cone liner without disassembling the frame and fastening boltsPRODUCT PARAMETERSLearn more, please visit our company websitehttpswwwwomachinerymRelatedSolutionsClick on the image to see more PROCESSING EQUIPMENTCOMPANY PROFILE Henan Dewo Machinery CoLtdApproved by the National Commerce Ministry, established in 2006, located in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, covering area about 300,000 square meters, with more than 260 employees which including RD staffs more than 50 people, Henan Dewo is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates researching, manufacturing, market developing and service for mining crushing equipment, infrastructure equipment, ore beneficiation equipment and mining drying equipmentX ADVANTAGESFAQ Q For providing you the suitable quotation we need to know the following informationQ 1at is the raw material for the production line? 2hat is the capacity per hour you required? 3hat is the maximum input size of the raw material? 4hat is the output size and application for the final product? Once we get your answers, I can provide you the best quotation immediatelyemarks The price will depend on different modelseply message you will get 5% discount priceQ What about Warranty of the products?Q Dewo Machinery grants our customers a twelve-month-period warranty from the date of delivery for machines exported from usuring the warranty period, in case any defect of material or workmanship occurred with spare parts in normal operation, we will at our discretion replace or repair the defective parts freelyQ The reason you choose Dewo MachineryQ1rofessional manufacturer of supplying mining crushing equipment, construction equipment, Ore beneficiation equipment and mining dryersxperienced and professional RD team and manufacturing team 3rofessional sales team consisted of dedicated, dynamic and innovative people with international versionrofessional logistics service ensuring safety and timely delivery of products all over the world through ocean, airline, road and railwayntact us for more details about price, packing, shipping and discount.

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