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Quartz Sand Washing Rotary Screening Plant Alluvia

Industrial Sand Dryer Screen Machine For Sale High Quality Mining Screening Factory Price

Product ApplicationSince sand with lower water content is well needed and sold in the market, we developed a new series of dewatering screenhe TS dewatering screen is mainly used for coarse or fine sanddehydrating in mining , constructin site and so onith the advantage of simple structure and easy maintenanace, it becomes a hot seller in the worldwiderking PrincipleDewatering vibrating screen adopts dual-motor self-synchronization technologyhe motors coordinate with universal eccentric and adjustable amplitude vibratorhen the two motors start to work, the vibrators move reversely at the same timehe centrifugal force is generated by the eccentric blocks superpose themselves and form a single direction vibrationhe high frequency vibration drives the screen move back and forth in line repeatedlyo the sand will be dehydrated and filteredch specifications Model Screen Size Powerkw Capacityth Feed Sizemm Weightkg DimensionL*W*Hmm TS0918 1 0*2 20-30 10 1600 1885*1290*1024 TS0924 2 0*2 20-30 10 2000 2485*1290*1224 TS1224 2 12 30-50 10 2300 2485*1590*1324 TS1230 322 30-50 10 2530 3085*1590*1424 TS1236 4 22 30-50 10 2880 3685*1590*1524 TS1530 43*2 50-100 10 3180 3083*1890*1421 TS1536 53*2 50-100 10 3300 3683*1890*1601 TS1836 6 4*2 100-150 10 3750 3715*2466*1855 TS1842 7 4*2 100-150 10 4380 4315*2466*2044 TS1845 84*2 100-150 10 4680 4515*2446*2135 TS1848 8 62 100-150 10 4960 4915*2446*2244 TS2442 10 72 130-180 10 5130 4315*3085*2042 TS2445 1072 130-180 10 5450 4615*3085*2140 TS2448 11 72 130-180 10 5880 4915*3085*2242Main Features1dvanced structure, light weight, high dehydrating ratio with new type vibrating motors Simple structure, easy maintenance Cross beam and screen body connect with high strength bolts, no welding and easy to remove and maintenance Polyurethane screen PU high screening ratio, big capacity, long service life and no blocking Widely used, less replacement parts Final sand water content down to 15% convenient in pakinng and deliverytailed ImagesMachine PartsName VibratorAdopt dual-motor self-synchronization technology, with eccentric plate to drive the material move straightly, the eccentric scale can also be adjustable to change the amplitudeMain FeaturesNameScreenImported polyurethane which is of high aperture ratio and wear resistance,inside the screen there is steel frame to support, and the hole is a cone shape which can prevent blockingMachine PartsNameSteel SpringHigh quality steel spring can absorb the shock uttermostly, which can prolong the machine life-span, and lower the noiseMain FeaturesNameHigh Strength Shear BoltDomestic famous manufacturer provided, can reach 10level, to connect by these bolts, there dont need weld, which can avoid the breakage of the weld jointWorking SitePacking Delivery Packaging Size 4520 L * 2500 W * 2145D Weight 4 T Packaging Details The normal package is plastic cloth for main machine and wooden for partsf export to European countries,the wooden box will be fumigated,can also pack it according to customers special requestlated ProductsCircle Vibrating Screen91 Response RateSand Washing and Dewatering Machine91 Response RateSpiral Sand Washing Machine91 Response RateCertificationsAbout UsLuoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery CoLtd is an international company, which is engaged in sand washing plant, slurry treatment, tailings ore recycling, filter press, thickeners, ectr products are mainly used in mining, metallurgy, construction, chemistry, electrics and steel industriesur clients are widely distribute in Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and so onst of our staffs are graduated in well-known universities from all over the wold, they provide the sustainable development for company with endless driving force and already made great effort to ensure the efficiency and perfection of the research and sales service procedures future, we will continually improve RD team and improve producte and servicer FactoryOur TeamOur Service and FAQPre-sale ServiceChoice of modelDesigning and manufacturing product according to customers special requirement Company will arrange engineer to customers site,designing site and discussing projectSales serviceKepp clients updated when our company gets the advance paymentConfirm production details withclientsTake and send all pictures to customers during productionInspection and testing the machine before deliveryAfter-sale ServiceProvide foundation drawing to the clients for installationOur engineers are available to help with installation and workers trainingOur engineers can come to the work site for repairing and maintenance if there is problem for the machineSpare parts and wearing parts will be offeredFAQ1es your product in stock?Yes,once you place the order,the delivery will be done within one weekCan the machine parts be replaced?Yes,You can get them directly from us in a low price, and we make sure the easy maintainence and replacement How is the quality of your products?Our products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standard, and we take a test on every product before delivery we can promise excellent quality on every machine4 you have warranty for all your machines?Yessually, we will provide warranty of 15 months, during this period, if any malfunction caused by machine itself, we will take the charge5w about price?We are factory and be able to give you the lowest price , and we have a policy that for saving time and absolutely honest business attitude,we quote as low as possible for any customer, and discount can be given according to quantity.

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