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High Temperature Hast Aging Test Machine

Applicationhigh temperature hast aging test machinersApplianceHAST high-pressure steam testing machine test is to improve the environmental stress such as temperature and work stress applied to the product voltage, load, etc speed up the test process, shorten the product or system life test time for investigation and analysis when The problem of wear and life of electronic components and mechanical parts, the shape of the fault distribution function of the service life, and the analysis of the causes of the increase in the failure rate1,HAST high-pressure steam testing machine liner with circular design,Can prevent the test condensation dripping phenomenon, so as to avoid the product during the test by the direct impact of superheated steam impact test results2ST high-pressure steam testing machine is equipped with double-layer stainless steel products frame, can also be customized according to customer product specifications free customized rack3ST high-pressure steam testing machine standard equipped with eight test sample signal application terminals, can also increase the number of terminals as needed, up to provide 55 bias terminals4ST high-pressure steam testing machine with a special sample rack eliminates complicated wiring operations Model BND-GL-250BND-GL-350BND-GL-250DBND-GL-350DBND-GL-250MBND-GL-350MInner size 25*D3530*D4540*D5550*D6025*D3530*D45Outer size 56*65*105W*H*Dcm66*105*125W*H*Dcm76*115*135W*H*Dcm86*135*145W*H*Dcm56*65*105W*H*Dcm66*105*125W*H*DcmTemp range105132105142105155Pressure range02gcm203gcm203gcm2Humidity range65%100%RHadjustableController BND-6890 USB port R-232C port Resolution Temp0 humid0RH pressure0kgcm2Detailed ImagesPackaging ShippingOur ServicesOur service1gh quality guaranteeShipment with professional documentsPacking as your request, with photo before shipmentReply within 48 hours and provide solution within 3 working days4ofessional after-service from our engineersWarranty period 12 monthesOur advantagesProfessional technology supportll experience of large numbers containers loading in Chinese sea portst shipment by reputed shipping linest service after shipment with emailsst knowledge about Safety Testor and other related machine in USAUKINDIAAUSTRALIACANADASOUTH AFRICA ETCWe are professional test equipment manufaturer in China with excellent experience and skills, also have best quality products Our concept1ient is firste are trying to bring maximum profit to our clients and offer best quality products2edibility is the most importantQuality control is our lifeGreat sense of responsibility will not only supply products service to you but also help you solve any other problem what we can do ,we can meet in this large world is our fate ,so we have been friends ,looking forward to meeting you Company InformationOur factoryIf you need any other messages we are not show here ,please dont hesitate to contact us below ,we will glad if we can help you ,thanks .

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