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How Good Is Granite Stone Quarry Business Karnatak

Marble And Granite Quarry Stone Block Cutting Machine Prices

Enquire now Click hereBrief Description1 Bridge type multi blades stone block cutting machine used strengthen beam, solid heavy-duty guide steel pillars, The main axis increase length and diameter, The practical length of main shaft is 620 mm2 It be rolled in round pit to store the oil so that the machine can go on in shortage oil supply or no oil supply3 It has low friction factor performance in abrasion and long working life4 The front and rear moving of blades is driven by high-precision lead screw on the two sides beam5 working principle The machine blades moving in left and right direction is controlled variable-frequency drive VFD and the speed will be adjusted depend on the hardness of the stone6 The lifter moving up and down is driven 4 pillars by oil hydraulic pressure cylinder or by lead screw7 The lead pillar is made of high quality solid round steed plated with hard chromium and the diameter of one pillar reach 180mm, with automatic lubricatinge anti-wear oil seal sleeve adopts DUPONT PTEE from Americat be rolled in round pit to store the oil supply.

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