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Grinding Machine Duty Cylcle

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Roll Forming Machine

Heavy duty racking 1Pallet racking has a high efficiency storage and is unlimited by the order of the goods in andout of the warehouseThis kind of racking is adjustable and suitable for the forklift workingThe aisles can be distinguished by traditional 3000 mm around and narrow 1700 mm aroundtypes,the narrow one needs special narrow forkliftReal poduct photoCharacter1is kind of racking is made of special shaped section post,which improving the loading capacityBeams can be adjusted up and down flexible as a unit of 75mmAssembled frame structure together with safe accessory make it easy to assemble and disassemble and comfortable for sapre parts,after-sale maintenance and replacingIt usually uses Epoxy electorstatic powder coating for surface treatment which with a high ability of rust-proofYou can add brace,back spacer,steel panel,foot protector,rack protector,back mesh as your requirementUpframesPost80*60*290*75*2100*70*2,120*75*2 Honrizonal cross braces and aslant crossbraces40*24*140*34*1Beam 100*50*1m 110*50*1m120*50*1m130*50*1m 140*50*1m 160*50*1mLoading capacity for each level less than 4Ton level Total loading capacity for each level12TFactory and Certificate show.

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