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Sandwashing Michine Suppliers In India

Sanhe Laser Multi Wave Michine For Hair Removal With 3 Wavelengths Machine

P-MIX Laser TheoryP-MIX Hair removal - Faster, painless and better 755nm specific effective for Blonde hair, Fine hair 808nm golden standard wavelength for all hair types 1064nm specific effective for dark, tanned skin a integrated solution, P-MIX combines the benefits of all 3 wavelength 808nm, 755nm and 1064nmarget different tissue depths as well as structures within hair follicleshus to the greatest extent to ensure effective result and painlessplication1eat all kind of hair color from black hair to white hair2eat all skin types from white to dark skin3 pain and shorter treatment sessions4fective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal Specification Laser type Diode laser Wavelength 1064nm808nm755nm Control Method Touch control Power density 1100Jcm2continuous adjustable Pulse width range 10800mscontinuous adjustable Spot size 12*12mm12*23mm Pulse Frequency 010HZ Treatment headtemperature 05C Cooling System sealed inner circled water cooling system Power rating 2000W Power AC220V10% 10A 50HZ , 110v10% 10A 60HZ Security Classification I class,BF type Dimension 520*520*1100mmL*W*HInterface for our machine1Language Different for Choice2ex Men Women3ifferent treatment area Forehead, face, armpit, leg, almost whole body4ifferent skin color type,from I to IV5uggestion parameter for each skin type and area6afetyRelationship of energy, pulse width, frequencySpot sizeWe have 12*12mm and 12*23mm for you reference00w or 600 output power for you chooseAdvantage of 808 1558081064nm laser, treat all skin types hair 2ermany laser bars, can use 10 million times 3mall and big spot size choose 12*23mm and 12*12mm 4ntelligent data system, can choose male and female, different parts, different skin type 5nside filters, can keep the water always clean, lifetime much longerOur companySANHE has built an excellent, world-wide beauty industry reputation not just for OEMODM manufacturing of top-value beauty and health equipment, but for comprehensive solutionsat responsive and attentive service includes face-to-face training for SANHE distributors and operators, and on-site repair in the rare event it is neededhose fine machines we sell and maintain fall into three main categories devices for RF-based hair growth stimulation, for laser-based hair removal, and for laser-based removal of skin pigmentation Overseas Exhibition Overseas ServiceFAQQ Is laser hair removal painful?A No, it is free of painith the newer lasers and cooling devices, treatments are faster and minimally painful How successful is laser hair removal?A Dark hair is the easiest to treatighter hair is a little difficultasers generally are more efficient in reducing hairs than IPL devices and need less treatment sessions How about treatment times and treatment session?A 3-5 times, every 21-45 days according to different skin colorQ How long change water?A If every day use machine more than 4 hours, suggest to change water every monthre productsContact Information.

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