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Premier Table Top Tilting Wet Grinder For Trouble

Vacuum Or Magnetic Table Reciprocating Wide Belt Gantry Grinder Flat Sheet Polishing Machines

SG1600-WLReciprocating wide belt gantry grinding machine5he grinding fluid is processed by paper bag type precision filtration made of stainless steelhe filter paper has different density of 20um-40um40um is recommended and the grinding fluid is recycled after filtrationygienic and environmentally friendly to ensure surface qualityuipment function The equipment adopts gantry fixed type, wide belt grinding head, vacuum or magnetic table reciprocating wet processing method, wet processing vacuum equipped with moisture separation device, workpiece is absorbed by vacuum or magnetic table, feeding and grinding thickness is servo Control, preset automatic feeding program, according to the process requirements and the condition of the substrate, choose the suitable abrasive belt, and gradually process from coarse to finehe surface texture after processing is clear and delicate, and the highest smoothness can reach Ra0Features1rocessing is completed once, which improves efficiency and saves labor Wet processing eliminates the heat generated during sanding and ensures that the workpiece does not deform Wet processing can eliminate the dust generated during sanding, optimize the working environment and reduce the equipment investment required for dust removal Extend the service life of the belt and reduce the color difference on the board surface.

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