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High Efficiency With Patent Concave From Oem Hp Co

Energy-saving High Efficient Psa Nitrogen Generator Price

How it works?PSAtechnique Pressure Swing Adsorption, PSA for shortits a kind of advanced gas separation technology, based on physical adsorption of gas molecule on the internal surface of adsorbent porous solid substances, using adsorbents in the same pressure easy to absorb the high boiling point gas, difficult to absorb low boiling point gas, and under high pressure adsorption amount of absorbed gas increases, under low pressure adsorption of absorbed gas to reduce the features to achieve gas separationhis process under pressure adsorption of impurities, under reduced pressure desorption of impurities, make the adsorbent regeneration, is the PSA cycleWhat do we have?1ow energy consumption, the product of high oxygen purity2ultifunctional monitoring system, realize gas, purity, pressure LCD online display, equipment failure warning, maintenance tips, fully grasp equipment running states3an be fully integrated skid mounted design, easy installation and rapid debugging4easonable internal components, air distribution uniformity, reduce air high-speed impact5he whole equipment of a high degree of automation6ptional oxygen flow, remote monitoring system, etc7pecific pressure protection measures of molecular sieve, molecular sieve is difficult of pulverization, long service lifeWhat can we supply?1itrogen yield 13000Nm3h2itrogen purity 95%999% National standard non-oxygen content3itrogen outlet pressure 00Pa4itrogen outlet dew point -45 .

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