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Gypsum Board Production Line Turkey Grinding Mill

Paper Faced Gypsum Board Production Line

Gypsum board paper faced production line Gypsum drywall panel board production line is a kind of light weight board decorating material with many specifications, whose main raw materials are calcined gypsumnatural gypsum, desulfurized gypsum, Phosphor gypsumand card board face paper, adding certain percentage of water, starch additives and foaming agent, after mixing, forming, cutting, drying, shearing and sealing procedures etc got the features as light weight fire-proof, heat insulation, vibration-proofimple to produce, easy of application, elegant decoration effect etcContact usgypsum board paper faced production lineProduction Gypsum board production lineAnnual productionm2Plant aream2Drying methodTotal installed capacityProductin linespeedRequird workersElectrical configurationmmin1million60m26mThermal oil116kw38Siemens2million70m26mThermal oil127kw40Siemens3million84m30mThermal oil166kw611Siemens4million110m30mThermaloilHot stove210kw811Siemens5million112m30mThermaloilHot stove234kw101Siemens6million122m30mThermaloilHot stove240kw121Siemens8million136m30mThermaloilHot stove349kw161Siemens10million150m30mThermaloilHot stove467kw2012Siemens12million172m30mThermaloilHot stove488kw2413Siemens15million204m36mThermaloilHot stove578kw3115Siemens20million240m40mThermaloilHot stove778kw4015SiemensProduct specificationslength 24003000mm width 12001220mm thickness 815mmOur ServicesDetailed informationgypsum board paper faced production lineFAQ QWhy are many pictures on the Internet the same as your company?ABecause our company has been specialized in plastic machinery for more than 30 years, after years of exploration and continuous research, the appearance of the equipment and the ease of use have led the Chinese plastic machinery industry,it is inevitable to be stolen by competitors, but our core technology is not something that everyone can learnWhy I choose your company?Aa We are the Leading foam machine Manufacturer in China We have made foam machine about 30 years with strong experience and advanced technicsc Best Quality Best Service with Competitive price 100% inspection Before Shipment, and got CE certificate We have Professional .

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