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Klark Teknik Dn360- Stereo 31 Band Equalizer Dual Channel, 13 Octave Graphic Equalizer With 30mm Faders

OverviewTwo x thirty 30mm oil damped precision faders graphically positioned at 13 octave ISO frequencies between 25Hz-20kHzProprietary circuit designs utilising "MELT" filters giving unbeatable performanceComprehensive standard specifications include electronically balanced inputs and LED overload indicatorsEarth lift switch enables signal and chassis grounds to be isolated eliminating ground-loop problemsUseful low cut 18dBoctave filters preventing subsonic components from overloading speakers or amplifiersEqualisation by-pass allowing easy comparison between direct and equalised signalsScale switching gives the choice of either high fader resolution 6dB or normal 12dBPerspex security cover available to order, for use in permanent sound installations where system calibration has taken placeSpecificationsInputs Electronically balanced 20KWOutputs Transformer balancedx level 22dBFrequency Response20Hz - 20kHz EQ out 0B EQ in 0BDistortion 4dBm 0%1kHzEquivalent input noise20Hz-20kHz unweighted -90dBmChannel separation 75dB1kHzOverload indicator 19dBuAuto-bypass failsafe YesGain 6dBCentre frequencies 2x30 bandISO 25Hz - 20kHz 13 octaveMaximum boostcut 6dB or 12dBSubsonic filter 18dB8ve -3dB30HzDimensions 3u 19" rackmount .

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