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Christmas Island Rock Phosphate Grinding

Diammonium Phosphate Origin Phosphate Rock Price Dap 18-46-0

Diammonium phosphate is a kind of high concentration quick effect fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of crops and soil, especially for nitrogen-loving and phosphorous crops is easy to dissolve in water, less solid matter after dissolving, suitable for various crops to need nitrogen and phosphorus elements, especially suitable for dry areas with little rain as base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and topdressing fertilizerSpecificationItem18-46-0 DAPN%17P2O5%45H2O%2ranularity1mm-4m%90Water soluble phosphorusEffectivephosphorus%87NP2O5%64ApplicationIt can be applied to any soil and most crops, especially to the crops that need phosphorus and ammoniumcking DeliveryPackingPackaging 50kgs 25kgs and 1000kgs by pp bagstoragestore in a cool, ventilated, dry and clean warehouse, damp proof and high temperature proofOur CompanyHebei Xue Run Biological Technology Cotd is a tech chemical company and establish in 2018nd it is a subsidiary of Changsheng Chemcial Industry Coimited are engaged in the manufacture and supplier of SulphateCopper Sulphate, Ammonium Sulphate, Sodium Formate, Formic Acid ,Sodium Tripolyphosphate,Glacial acetic acid and antimony oxidehey are main widely used in feed food additive, leather ,rubber and textile industry and others areased on the principle of "customer first, quality first", the company has established and improved the strict quality standard inspection systemn addition to the ISO9001 certification system, the company also commissioned SGS testing and testing institutions to test the quality of our products with national standards as the benchmark, we do our best to satisfy our customers with our qualityrtificationsRelated Productspotassium sulphatesodium sulphateFAQ1ow long can I get your reply?A Within 1 hour in working days, within 6 hours after work Can I get some samples?A We are pleased to send you free sample, the delivery time is about 2-3 days Is the price on this page correct?A The listed price is only for reference, for latest price, pls contact us directly What is the minimum order?A 10 Metric Ton Do you supply it only?A No, we supply acetic acid, formic acid, Sodium tripolyphosphate, ammonium sulphate,Potassium sulphate,Potassium chloride,copper sulphate antimony trioxide and so on you have any other questions,please feel free to contact me.

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