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Characteristics Of Sarshatali Coal Mine Project

Organic Coal Burning Clean And Odorless Hookah Shisha Charcoal

Shisha Coconut Shell CharcoalBlack Pearl - organic coconut charcoal for hookahonvenient Cube shapehanks to the usage of natural ingredients, Black Pearl lets hookah lovers enjoy the real taste of tobacco without the after-taste of charcoallack Pearl s special Cube shape controls the temperature during hookah smoking and there is a guarantee that the tobacco wont burn and hookah smoking wont be spoiledn the modern world, traditions and quality are highly valuedlack Pearl is produced using Highest technology of making coconut charcoalnly coconut shell, water and natural starch Binder are used for its preparationhe quality of the coconut enables Black Pearl charcoal to burn longer than other hookah charcoalsack Pearl Sustainable Charcoal has virtually no smoke and is a flavor neutral fuel source because it is made from coconut shells and not treeswoodhe Perfect Charcoal for Targeted Shisha Hookah TENDED BURN TIME - The charcoal is so dense do extending your burn time significantlyhis of course means you can get over 120 minutes Shisha session RTUALLY NO ASH Due to its purity Our production runs about 2 ash never more than 3 %his prevents the clogging and reduced airflow that other charcoal and briquets can causeTURAL GREEN SUSTAINABLE - by-product of the copra industry and is environmentally sound and greenO TREES ARE CUT DOWN to produce this charcoalnly Coconut shell charcoal and food grade Tapioca starch as a binderURE, NO Fillers, NO Additives, NO Chemicals**IMPORTANT** Its BEST USED FOR LOW AND SLOW SHISHA where its smokeless qualities are most evidentView Our Product In Multi-LanguageTurkeyItalian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish Thai Vietnamese Arabic French German Features Shisha charcoal Features Very Strong Cube Type Charcoal Not easy to brake or Split while removing ashite AshMade with 100% organic ingredientssts 3 times longer than other charcoalsrns hot, stable, without sparksontains no nitre or sulfurs natural flavor Doesnt influence the flavor of tobaccoot a single tree is cut down to produce this charcoalechnical Specifications Shisha Charcoal .

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