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Wholesale high quality magnesium phosphate cement from Chinagnesium Phosphate Cement MPC Magnesium Phosphate Cement MPC is a kind of special cementompared with Portland Cement, it has the advantages of fast setting and hardening, high hourly strength, non-shrinkage, rapid strength development at low temperature, stable growth of long-term strength and good durabilityagnesium Phosphate Cement can be used as mortar and concrete just like existing general Portland cement and Sulphoaluminate cementagnesium Phosphate Cement Strength Index Model Compressive StrengthMPa Bending StrengthMPa 1 h 2 h 1 d 28 d 1 h 2 h 1 d 28 d R Type 304060 457U type 30 40604 57 How to Use 1ype A and Type B materials are mixed in the same proportion2dd the same appropriate amount of water3tir and useplication AreaOnly 20 minutes quickly setting cement magnesium phosphate cementAirport construction site,Chnia,guiyang airport on 201937,0402 AMrport construction sitee day si little raining and coldrport construction siter engineer is working on itrport construction sitely 20minutes our magnesium phosphate cement quickly settingrport construction siteazing,excellent without damagepid repair and construction of roads, bridges, and airport runways, and repair of municipal manhole coversWinter construction, low temperature environment constructionRapid repair of projects such as concrete cracks, honeycombs, and pitsReinforcement andstrengthen of concrete structureEquipment foundation, rapid clearing of underground parking lot, and buildingProtection and anti-corrosion of concrete, buildings, metal surfacesLarge area of rapid plugging and waterproofing, quick drying and fast settingRapid perfusion repair of prefabricated component assembly gapRapid anchor spray support engineering for tunnel construction and border support Company Information Guizhou Phosphorus Magnesium Material CoLtdizhou Phosphorus and Magnesium Material CoLtds subordinate to Guizhou Kaiyang Phosphorus Group CoLtdformerly known as Kaiyang Phosphate Mine in Guizhou Province, and is one of the three major phosphate ore production bases in Chinae phosphorus and magnesium products produced by our company solidify rapidly in a few minutes to an hourhe strength exceeds 40 MPa in an early period of 1-3 hourshey are stable for a long time and can reach 60-120 MPahey have good durability and excellent performancehey have wide application prospects in the construction industryhey are mainly used for quick repair, repair, reinforcement, anti-corrosion, floor, ocean and other projects Packing and Delivery 1aw Materials2aterproof Plastics bags3ement Woven bagsWell ArrangedProduction Line BaggingLoaded in Container and Shipped to PortSea TransportationAir Transportation is also available if in emergency Our Service.

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