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Coal Mining Fixed Wagon Mining Ore Car For Sale

The structure of the bucket-tippingmining wagon1ar case It consists of welding the carton plate, end cover and angle steel Frame It consists of channel steel, tilting mine type - angle steel, finding head, shaft card and other welding pair of wheels consists of wheels, shafts, bearings and so on Binding screw It consists of high quality 400mm carbon knot steel and welding of the hand ringAdvantagesof the Bucket-tippingmining wagon1he cross-section is V-shaped or U-shaped, supported on the rotatable track of the chassis, and the car is turned and unloaded on the rotating track The mining wagonhas a simple structure, is tough and durable and is easy to use, as long as the workforce opens the stop plate, the material can be easily removed The mining wagonhas a high degree of automationhe axles adopt roller bearings, which effectively reduce the running resistance, so they can be pulled or pushed by the locomotive or manpower themining wagondoes not need to use any auxiliary facilities, can be automatically flipped left and right, flexible and lightweightmpany InformationPackaging ShippingCertifications.

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