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Ultra Wet Grinder Premier 125 Litres

Fe-06 Wet Rice Grinder Rice Milk Making Machine Peanut Butter Machine

Features1,Specially designed grindstone angle makes been-grinding fast and rice-grinding finese aluminum-alloy accurate die-casting2,Newly designed motor with more sufficient powerecial water-prooof design with safetydurability plicationApply to make soybean milk rice milk mung bean paste and chili sauce, Soaked soft goods grinding fine and other functionstput 30-70kgshrDiameter of the grinding stone 150mmMaterial of the grinding stone corundumwer750WVoltage220v50HzSpeed17201430 RMight29kgSize531*333*1067mmRelated Products Technical DataVoltageMotor PowerInput According to MaterialsDiameter of the grinding stoneWeightSizeFE-05220V50Hz12HP20-50Kgh125mm Corundum22Kg490*299*1033mmFE-06220V50Hz1HP30-60Kgh150mm Corundum29Kg531*333*1067mmFP-05380V50Hz1HP30-60Kgh125mm Corundum29Kg500*280*1095mmTGM-200B multi-function food grinding machineThe device is a novel wet grinding device used for wet grinding of food materials such as sesame, peanut, pepper, rice, soybean, corn, etcand also used for wet grinding of certain materials in medicine, food and other industrieshen the fried sesame and peanuts can be directly ground into sesame sauce, peanut butter, or the materials after pretreatment such as cleaning and soaking, the materials are ground and grinded under the action of centrifugal force to enter the relatively moving upper and lower sand discs to make the materialsrinding is carried out from the inside to the outside along the plane of the sand disc from coarse to fineatures 1, can be customized according to the nature of the material, process requirements of the grinding stone and feed structure2, carefully designed special waterproof and drainage design, easy to clean3, practical unique thickness adjustment mechanism, using 304 stainless steel structurees Make sesame sauce, peanut butter, chili sauce and soy milk, rice syrup, and other foods soaked in soft items.

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